Film Camera Week for February 19

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  1. Greetings, all and welcome to our new thread. Post all the images you like from any film camera. I have a few from film I developed and scanned yesterday.
    The mail gets through even in snow, Mamiya 645E, 80mm f 4 Sekor Macro, APX 100 (outdated by about 12 years)
    second winter weather event, mostly sleet, same gear as above
    downtown West Point later in day on Tuesday, Minolta XE-5 with Celtic 28mm f 2.8 MD, Kentmere 100
    brief period of sunlight near park, game gear as previous photo
    back yard, same gear
    One more. Next post no winter weather.
    icicle, same gear
    Looking forward to seeing everyone's images.
  2. Castle (Slottet) Kalmar, Sweden. 1998. Hasselblad 500c, Zeiss Planar 80/2.8, medium yellow filter, Kodak Tri-X Professional TXP. 2021 D 1 3537.jpg
  3. Bridge at Thompson Creek, Bankhead National Forest. 1998. Hasselblad 500c, Zeiss Sonnar 150/4, TXP. 2021 D 1 3540.jpg
  4. Rock in Sipsey River. 1998.Hasselblad 500c, Zeiss Sonnar 150/4, TXP. 2021 D 1 3541.jpg
  5. Trail between Ogle Cabin and Le 2021 D 1 3543.jpg Conte Creek, Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 1998. Hasselblad 500c, Zeiss Distagon 50/4, TXP.
  6. [​IMG]


    Testing a Dallmeyer reflex with a light leak between the roll film adapter and camera isn't a good idea
  7. México Teotihuacán Ciudadela
    Nikkormat EL, PC Nikkor 35mm f/2.8 probably Ektachrome
  8. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Two more local hiking photos taken late last fall with BelOMO Elikon 35CM, Fujicolor 200.

    Hike 2, Elikon 35CM.jpg

    Hike 2
  9. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

  10. Lost power while I was posting, now that it is back, one more. Our house in 1998. Zone VI 4x5 view camera. 2021 D 1 3546.jpg
  11. I've been testing some Astrum Foto-100, an interesting film supposedly being manufactured in the old Svema factory in Shostka in the Ukraine. It's a film with extended red sensitivity and a very fine-grained emulsion on a thin polyester base, with very high resolution characteristics, rather like Pan F50 on steroids, and the sort of retro look that Ferrania achieve with their Pan 30 stock. So far I'm impressed, and here are a few samples from a test film, shot at 64 ISO for development in PMK Pyro. The camera was a Minolta Dynax A7 with a Minolta 35-70mm f/4 lens.



    @The Brewery

    @The Brewery.jpg









  12. Carnival is over
    014CMC Maxi Prima Traje Carnaval Teléfono Lámpara CFL55.jpg
    Canon FTb. CXanon FL 55. Valcolor II ISO 100

    003CMC Cuatro Viejos con Gorra Sun28.jpg
    Canon FTb. Sun 28. Tri-X 400

    fixing watches
    006a Relojero-Rastro Sun28.jpg
    Canon FTb. Sun 28. Tri-X 400​
  13. Not having had any film developed any time lately, here are a few from the most recent batch- back in December. These were shot mostly in I believe Aug?/Sept/Oct
    35mm photos shot with my Voigtlander R3m and either the 40mm f1.4 Nokton Classic OR perhaps the 50mm f3.5 Heliar. Pretty sure this was Tri-X 400. Scans from our local drag strip and Vintage Eliminator drags. Sadly, not long Ito the day the rains came in earnest and they called a rain out. This was my last attendance at the track for 2020, didn't make the season's rain date wrap-up.




    This final pic (below) is a MF shot from the Hasselblad 500c. I would have. been using the 50mm Distagon and also the 250mm Sonnar, unsure which lens this was, does it look like the 250mm rendering/fov? Film would have been Ektar 100 here.
  14. When Central Texas imitates North Dakota. One hell of a week, no power, water nor proper heat with temps as low as 2F. Ugg. Anyway I took the F100 out for a walk yesterday with a Nikkor 25-50 Ai f4.Film was Tmax 100 developed in Rodinal 1-100 stand for 1 hour.

    park snow 25-50 tmx rod stand 2 copy.jpg

    park snow 25-50 tmx rod stand copy.jpg
  15. Here are a few pics from a test I ran on another Astrum film, the Foto-200. It's a quite different emulsion from the Astrum-100 I used in the photographs I posted earlier in this thread, and I found it less impressive. The camera was Minolta Dynax A7 with a Minolta 35-105mm f/3.5-4.5 lens, and the film was developed in PMK Pyro.


    Quaint copy.jpg


    Renovations copy.jpg


    @4PM copy.jpg


    Maccas copy.jpg


    Weave copy.jpg

  16. A few more from the F100 and 25-50. Again TMX in Rodinal 1-100 stand.

    park snow 25-50 tmx rod stand 3 copy.jpg

    park snow 25-50 tmx rod stand 4 copy.jpg

    park snow 25-50 tmx rod stand 5 copy.jpg

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