Film Camera Week for August 4

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  1. Three more from last week with the Nicca IIIf 35mm and HP5+/Pyro HD.


    July17Nicca35HP5HD3in386for16min1permin (2).jpg


  2. nice photos this week. good job everyone.
  3. From the Chinon 28-70 f2.8-4.2 lens that I've been checking out for my oldest son. I did a little research and found that Chinon marketed quite a few lenses in that range with various apertures. This one's big and takes a 72mm filter.
    At the 28mm setting


    I used the Ricoh KR5 Super II with Ilford FP4+ to test it.

  4. Hello Mike
    Is there another Rollei film that would come close to the Rolleipan 25?
    Those are great photos
  5. Ok, here are my contributions this week.

    These are from the Fed2 that I painted the curtain on to get rid of the three little holes, with the Industar 22 lens Kentmere 100 from bulk.
    It is also my first foray into Pyrocat HD
    I like what I see in the sky shots as far as the grain, or lack there of.
    As you will notice there is what appears to be a light leak in the center upper portion of the shot, some did not have this and some did, I am not sure what this is from and if you notice it almost looks like it is a little more out of focus in that area. I guess it could be the film canister I used in bulk loading, but why not on all the shots.

    Anyway I presoaked for 3 mins. I developed 1-1-100 distilled water for 13 mins. and one min. water stop and 8 min fix TF-4.
    I used 13 mins. as I could not find a time for Kentermere 100 so I just looked at all the films for Pyrocat HD and kinda guessed.
    Maybe you guys that have used these Pyro's for a long time can give your procedure for this newbie.
    Fed2 Industar 22 705 Kentmere 100 Pyrocat HD Bridge.jpg
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    Fed2 Industar 22 705 Kentmere 100 Pyrocat HD bridge rail.jpg
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    This one shows less grain than what I was getting with this film with other developers

    Fed2 Industar 22 705 Kentmere 100 Pyrocat HD Tree and Sky.jpg
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    If this is too many just let me know
    This one doesn't show as much of the leak as the others
    Fed2 Industar 22 705 Kentmere 100 Pyrocat HD trailwalker.jpg
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  9. finale
    And this one no leak
    Fed2 Industar 22 705 Kentmere 100 Pyrocat HD milepost.jpg
  10. Boat bow in Buceo harbor, with NIkon F and 50 mm f/1.4; Pan F+ in Beutler.

  11. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Nice shots, Don. Glad the pinhole fix worked OK.

    I have sometimes used one of those little LED squeeze lights inside the film compartment to check for leaks. I wonder if the "leak" here could actually be flare from shiny surfaces inside the camera or lens barrel? If so, they could always be touched up with some flat black paint.
  12. @don- we don't worry about how many photos. It truly is "as many as you like".
    Rollei does offer an RPX 25 but I am told it is a different film. The closest in tone in recent years that I've seen (compared to my processing of Rolleipan 25 in HC110-H) was to rate Ilford Pan F+ at E.I. 25 and process in stock D-76. I do not remember the time, though.
  13. However, when I use Pan F+ today I rate it at box speed and use HC110 dilution H. A few examples (may have been posted before)


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  14. Hello everyone. Don, it looks like you have found Nirvana with the HD mix. Dabbling with the HD & Obsidian Aqua for the last few years has also led me to around the same concentrations / times. I use only 3 ml of the HD in my 450ml Nikor tanks & results are fine. The OA is more concentrated, so only 1ml goes into the Nikor per roll. Being in tropical Hawaii for 6 months on end, upper scale temps had to be worked out.
    68-72f = 16mins, 73-78f = 14mins, 78-83f = 13 mins. Lotsa wiggle room with these pyro developers! These times/mixes apply to either 400 or 100 asa materials, all "brands".
    What "goop" did you use for the shutter curtain? My Zorki 4 has a tiny hole in the corner, which is cropped out for now but I worry it will expand with camera use. Bill
  15. Mike,nice tones with HC110 dilution H and Pan F. What was your development time?
  16. James- 9 minutes at 68F. Many years back when I first tried this film I thought it to be finicky. Just needed to find the right developer and time.
  17. Late to chime in ... technical difficulties, doncha know.

    Salt Seller, Moron, Mongolia. Nikon FE, 50mm f/1.8, Provia 100.

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  18. Shaitya, Bogd Khan mountain, outside Ulan Bator. Nikon FE, 50mm f/1.8, expired Chinese off-brand B&W.

  19. Prayer Wheels, Karakorum, Mongolia. Nikon FE or FM2n and probably Velvia 50 (I'm forgetful on this one.)


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