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  1. looking for any feedback.

  2. The negative space above the bridge sucks energy out of the image for me. I'd be curious to see a landscape orientation at the same focal length. Working with the existing image, it needs a crop to mostly exclude data outside of the bridge. The shadows tell me that this in midday sun, with no clouds, yet it's too dark for that reality. The low EV conflicts with the what I think is the reality of the scene, so I'd bring EV up, but keep Contrast pretty high, while bring up the Shadows inside the bridge a bit.

    It's like we're looking through a telescope, but there's no interesting thing to see in the distance. I'd certainly take out that pole. I think that'd be enough, because that pole commands way too much of my attention. Ideally, I'd love bokeh back there, but you needed deep DOF to get the bridge sharp from end to end.
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  3. This is an interesting vantage point and structure with enough potential and possibilities to play with. I love the shadows of the bridge which are kind of blended with the dark nature of the construct. However I agree with dcstep, that there's probably a bit more sky than I would prefer. I love the inherent symmetry of the scene, and may be compensate the less sky with more leading lines in the bridge by going further and shooting. That will potentially make the distant ‘window’ smaller and take away from the fact that there’s nothing to see beyond it.
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  4. I agree wholeheartedly with both Dave's and Supriyo's comments. In addition, I'll note the dark "hallowing" at the building-to-sky interface, which is an artifact of the PP used. It is sufficiently different from the rest of the very consistent sky so as to be a distraction. Dave's recommended re-crop would make this a non-issue, but the other exposure adjustments he suggests might also make it a non-issue. The symmetrical, straight-down-the-center view through the bridge hints that there's something worth considering through that viewpoint, but the background disappoints. If the bridge itself is the subject (and it looks to be a very worthwhile subject), then an off-angle view to the bridge and its components might be even more engaging. I suspect there are opportunities for some tight vignettes which focus on details of the unusual construction.
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