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  1. Please post your favourite FD photos (maximun of 6) taken during the month of April or earlier and include a description of the equipment used. Remember to keep the long side down to 700 pixels in order to post in-line. This is not a critique, but comments are always welcome.
  2. The follow photos were taken last week using my A-1, FDn 50/f1.8 and Ultrafine Plus 100.
  3. Michael Smith is on vacation at the present time, but he did forward these photos (5) to me and asked me to post them with the following comment. "All shot with my T70, 50/f1.8 S.C. on expired Fuji Pro 400".
  4. Michael 2
  5. Michael 3
  6. Michael 4
  7. Michael 5
  8. I'm going to cheat and post some old ones. T90, FD 70-210mm F4, Fuji Superia X-Tra 400. Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn.
  9. I thought I would give my super tele a workout at the zoo a couple of weeks ago. No sooner had I paid my admission, it started to rain. After about 45 minutes it was raining lions and dingos and I had to abort. But I did manage to get a few shots in. The first three are shot with the FD 400mm f/4.5 SCC wide open on a monopod and the last is with the Kiron 105mm f/2.8 macro lens at f/5.6 and Canon T299 flash. All are with the T90 using Kodak Portra 400VC. The Kodak rep, at a camera show, gave me a few rolls to try out and I thought an overcast day might be a good time to try it.
  10. Try again #1
  11. I like your cheetah, Louis. This, OTOH, is a church door (Temple Church, to be precise, of Da Vinci Code fame).
    Canon F1N, 35mm TS
  12. Fantastic pics as always Louis. That monkey looks like an interesting fellow!
    James - cool church door! Did you use a tilt-shift lens?
  13. Kayam - yup - and thanks. My first purchase from KEH: I was just trying it out.
  14. Great pictures, one and all ! Here are a few snaps from last month.
    Canon T70 : FD 135mm f/3.5
  15. Canon T70 : FD133mm f/3.5 with Soligor 2X Tele-Extender
  16. Canon FTb : FD 50mm f/1.4
  17. First one from Time Square
  18. Some flowers
  19. Another flower from NY
  20. Lastly Long Island shore
  21. Beautiful shots everyone! My nephews were visiting from Europe for two weeks, they asked about cameras so I gave them a 2-week crash course in bird & bug photography. They were "of course" expecting digital but I told them they should start with real viewfinders and lenses with proper focus/diaphragm rings so for about two days had them start out with FD bodies and manual focus lenses.
  22. I took them to a local botanic garden and took shots of them with a T70 with Kodak Gold 200 and Kiron-made Vivitar close-focusing 135mm f2.8
  23. After two days they insisted they were "ready" for digital so from then on we downgraded to Sony alpha bodies ;) Anyway, in the meantime I managed to try out the close-focusing Kiron 135mm to my satisfaction.
  24. A lazy skink - or just tired? Must be hard to wriggle around all day when your legs are so tiny...
  25. The photo-course ended with both them going home with a Sony a100 and the above manual focus lenses, unfortunately! Seems like there's no stopping the instant gratification generation...
  26. Every photo was spectacular.
    Where the devil is Lake Moogerah?
    Louis, you are putting me in a state of deep depression, and I may look for another hobby in my old age. I feel like a four year old with a baby brownie. I would be thrilled to take just one photo with the quality you seem to routinely generate with ease.
  27. Fish Creek Apache Trail Az. F1N, FDn 28mm, Fuji 400, Local Process and scan.
  28. F1N, FD 85mm 1.8 (I think) Fuji 400
  29. F1N, FD 135MM ? Fuji 400
  30. Beautiful photos, everyone. Thanks for sharing.
    Lake Moogerah is in SE Queensland, Australia.
  31. Lovely pictures everyone!. It's great to see so much good work being done with the FD kit.
    Attached picture taken with T90 and 50mm F1.4 chrome nose lens.
    Best regards
  32. I would be thrilled to take just one photo with the quality you seem to routinely generate with ease​
    Don't give up yet James. Good results come with the four P's: Passion, Practice, Patience and Persistence.
  33. Stunning photographs, absolutely gorgeous! though I'm wondering to what extend the scanned photographs from the analog Canons were worked on during post processing ? Next to impossible to distinquish analog pictures from digital stills without having seen the developed pictures first hand.
    I'm just nitpicking really, never mind me, the images are incredible nonetheless :)
  34. Well, I worked on my images a little, but mostly to remove a color cast that crept in when I got the pics scanned at Walgreens.
    Louis - phew, I thought one of your P's was going to be Pentax.
  35. "I'm wondering to what extend the scanned photographs from the analog Canons were worked on during post processing"
    Hi Ray: Perhaps if you pointed out a particular image the maker might chime in on their process. My feeling is images scanned from negs get no more or less post work than anybody shooting digital cameras with a RAW workflow. I have found all images, regardless if making optical prints, digital prints or screen display, need some adjustment. To paraphrase Ansel Adams, the negative (or scan or RAW digital capture) is the score but the final image you present is the performance.
    "Next to impossible to distinquish analog pictures from digital stills"
    Quite right. That's because if they are posted here, they are both digital.
  36. My images are as I got them from Walgreens or my local lab. All scanned on the Fuji Frontier so whatever is done, was done by them. I think it's only a 6mp scan? I didn't even have to resize to post my images.
    The crop of my grandaughter was done using the crop feature that comes with the photo CD. I don't have or know how to use Photoshop. I'm not very computer literate. It took many tries before I could even manage to post a pic here.
  37. Mine were developed in a local CVS (Walgreens' machine was down), scanned at home on my Canon FS4000 controlled via VueScan, then curve adjusted & resized to PN required size in gimp. Getting contrast and colors right in VueScan is kinda hit or miss at best, plus I recently changed to a new monitor and haven't succeeded yet in properly calibrating it - so I'm not sure how garish or over/underexposed my shots look like on everyone else's screens.
  38. OK, set the TARDIS back to April, 1985. Voldemort's in hiding in Albania, studying Nikons. When scanning recent Velvia transparencies, I have to do very little digital manipulation. These two old Ektachromes took a lot more fiddling (plus the light was harsh), and the dogwood tree still isn't right. Anyhow, I like bright colors and the freshness of spring, so here go the snapshots.
  39. Great to come across a group of dedicated vintage camera enthusiasts. Usually when I tell people I collect and use vintage cameras and develop my own prints they look at me funny and wonder why I bother...glad to see I don't have to do any explaining in this group.
    I have several different FD bodies (FTb, TLb, F-1, A-1) and few FL mounts (including the FX, FT and Pellix). I also have a good assortment of Minoltas, Nikons, Topcons, etc. I love each for different reasons: the layout of the controls, the quirkiness of the design, the weight and heft...but I've found that I consistently get great results with my FD lenses. Sharp and contrasty, especially since I like to print with high contrast red filters.
    Anyway, here are some images for your perusal. Comments, questions and critique are welcome.
  40. FD lenses are my favourites to do natural light portraits...
  41. I was at this great house party but the lighting was dim (to say the least). So I was surprised I was able to push 100 speed film to 800 and get usable images...
  42. And finally, I used a lens attachment to get this fish-eye effect...can't afford to get a proper FD fish-eye yet.
  43. Capital Q.,
    Welcome to photo.nut and the Canon FD Forum. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work. I do like the natural light portrait.
  44. Thank you kindly, Sir Stuart. Here's another portrait I did some years ago with a photogenic friend. I apologize for the dust, scratches and quality. I'd like to think my developing and printing techniques have gotten better over time...
  45. Guard, Ginza Subway Line, Tokyo
  46. 2nd time lucky
  47. Shibuya punk posing, Tokyo
  48. Old farm building down the road from my house.
  49. Sharpening is needed on some.
  50. Sharpening is needed on some.​
    I can only speak for my own photos and say that years ago all of my photos were razor sharp. I have to admit that nowadays I have a bit of trouble focusing, but I still enjoy using manual focus lenses. Though I may try, all the sharpening in the world is not going to correct one of my out of focus shots. :)
  51. Can I also post pictures taken with an FD lens while mounted on a Canon DSLR or even on a Micro Four Thirds camera ?
  52. Ray: I think you're fine so long as it's a FD lens. But If I recall correctly, you need an optical adapter to mount your FD lens onto a EF mount (Canon DSLR body). But I'm curious anyway to see what you can do with these lenses on a digital mount.
  53. Thanks. I posted about this allready, might be worth the trouble to see my thread from last week as it explains how I use the FD lens: http://www.photo.net/canon-fd-camera-forum/00WLCD
    FD 400mm f4.5 SSC (breechlock) mounted to a 40D DSLR.
    A Gull under very good lighting:[​IMG]
    A Warbler under very bad lighting:[​IMG]
    Regards, Ray
  54. Very nice, Ray. I bought a Chinese FD to EF adapter with an optical element and it certainly does not have the sharpness of your handcrafted adapter.
  55. Thanks Q, as incredible as it may seem the sharpness of this lens surpasses my (now sold) EF 400mm f5.6L copy's, hard to imagine from such an old lens but after having shot thousands of birds and other critters with both L lenses I'm 100% sure about it. The L lenses definately had better CA control but what this older lens lacks in that area it makes up for in sharpness. The newer L's were definately great to shoot with but this gives more of a challenge and somehow also feels more 'authentic', perhaps due to the manual control, and as a bonus its faster and renders even more detail. I'm still getting used to this type of shooting, will miss the fast AF for BIF, but I'm sure its worth all the hassle in the end, I really love this old lens :)
  56. can't explain the red blur in the corner, but it certainly pays to have nice seats!!
  57. This was from a surprise birthday hike.
  58. Hi All
    Taken last week with my F1n and 55mm SSC Asph lens on Ilford XP2 processed at the local supermarket. The CD they supplied is pretty low res but fine for me.
    Best regards
  59. Canon A1 RVP 50
  60. My first entry...
  61. Once again, great photos everyone and thanks for contributing.
  62. Number 2
  63. Number 3
  64. Final contribution (for now)
  65. Agfa APX100, this one is from January though
  66. Harry on Ilford XP2 with 55mm f1.2 ssc asph and F1n.
  67. David: Another great shot of Harry.
    Ray: Great composition on the propeller. I wish I could still buy Agfa APX film....
    Here's a shot with an FTb (first version) and a 50mm/f.1.4 using Ilford HP5 400.
  68. Thanks. i dont think i even knew the film was discontinued when i shot it, i found that out after i went to buy more later on that day...
  69. Dan - Great bokkeh and detail with this last shot of Jack. I found Agfa APX to be reliable and consistent (and cheap!). I've been able to push 100 --> 800 (check out my thread on the FD Forum for some results). Apparently, the film was branded as "Silvertone APX" for a while but I'm told we'll be all out when the current run is finished. Ilford HP5 was decently priced but they're now raising the price and Ilford is going with its budget brand "Kentmere" for its "student" film. Don't have much experience with that film but will post results soon.
  70. Wow, outstanding everyone! This thread really keeps on giving
    Final contribution (for now)​
    We hope there'll be many more to follow Peter :)
  71. My daughter made this photo on one of our recent photo escapades.
    Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire............................not really, it's Mark Cline's replica of Stonehenge in Rockbridge County, Virginia
  72. Donut Porn - Donutland Donuts, Cedar Rapids Iowa

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