Fastest B&W or Color Film that can be processed C-41

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  1. I shoot sports photography for a small town. Since I have moved from
    Orlando I have had to contend with the low light stadiums that the
    small towns around here have to offer. I have been able to use the
    Fuji 1600 Press film with some pretty good results getting a 125th
    sec at F3.5 for SOME of the game. Some stadium put me at 60th-125th
    at 3.5, sure would be nice to get a solid 125 to 250th of a second to
    freeze the action. Due to being in a small town, Wal-Mart processes
    the film for the newspaper. Is there any film Color or B&W that is
    3200 ASA that can be processed C-41?
  2. Not that can be processed at Wallie's. If you have to have that speed, go with Tri-X or HP5 and spend the 20-odd bucks to get the canister and chemicals to do it yourself. Recoup it by charging the paper for you to dev it at the same price as W-M.

    You could try XP2 with a 3-stop push but I'm not sure the store can compensate for that. Can they? If so, you could try but I have a feeling with 3-stops, the negs may be a little thin unless extra care is taken in dev.
  3. There is no colour or B&W film that has a true ISO speed of 3200, full stop. To get any more than an EI of around 800, the film is going to have to be 'pushed', and it's highly unlikely that Walmart will a) bother to do this, even for the local press, or b) know how to do it properly. Pushing film at a minilab is not easy or economical, since the transport time for the whole line has to be slowed down, or the processing temperature raised. I don't think any minilab manager in their right mind would be obliging enough to do that for just one film.<p>Why not get yourself a small 'press kit' of C-41 processing chemicals?<br>This is just a 3 bath process, and requires no more equipment than for developing a B&W film.<br>You can then push your film as much as you like.
  4. I'm a new photo supervisor for Costco. I recently came back from training at Nortisu. We were told by our trainers that there is absolutely no way to push film using our Noritsu V100 film processor.

    I specifically asked about pushing in my training but many photo employees hadn't even heard of it. Don't be suprised if you can't get it, as these machines weren't designed to do it.
  5. That figures. I would not expect COSTCO or any non-professional processing lab to know how to or want to learn how to Push or Pull film. Much like the individuals that try to sell you electronics and know nothing about the product. I can't expect them to want to do anything special for one or two rolls of film. Thanks though.

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