Famous Afghan woman evacuated

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by JDMvW, Nov 26, 2021.

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  1. Which leads one to wonder how off topic it is to come into a thread one hasn’t yet participated in, a thread about the photo of the Afghan girl, to vent about the off topic posts of others. Seems to be a bit self defeating. :rolleyes:
  2. Seriously, FredG??? From the OT Meister himself?
  3. In the words of the sage Nitza (from Charlie's War", we'll see :)
  4. Correct. My confusion is that it was the Pakistani Taliban who shot her. You "won" that one. QG has a blinkered view of photography if all we can discuss are Zeiss lenses and Hasselblads. Many of us would consider that lame in the context of the history of photography.
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  5. Your confusion, Robin, is that you think that venting your personal perspective on international politics and history as seen above have anything to do with photography.
    This is off topic, low quality bar talk.
  6. A lot of photography, especially Afghan girl, is inherently and intentionally political. That a photo may stimulate political discussion IS related to photography, because the purpose of political photos is often to generate ideas and discussion. The meek among us want to ignore what photography stimulates in favor of being able to discuss gear or other things more important to them. There are plenty of outlets on PN for discussing gear and other photo-related matters and those outlets get plenty of hits. If an occasional political discussion arises in Casual Conversations, related to a photo, I would think those not interested would simply avoid the discussion but not attempt to silence others. If a moderator feels the discussion has somehow crossed a line, a moderator might act. It's not up to fellow members to silence other members. Thankfully, it doesn't seem like Robin is inclined to be silenced.
  7. That a photo may be political, Sam, does not mean that talk about politics is photographic.
    The above, even the OP, has nothing to do with photography.

    That you like talking politics, and find there are already plenty places to discus photography, does not mean that a photography forum is the place to talk politics.

    That you think that this nonsense should be tolerated here is something you might want to suggest to moderators.

    It is not up to you either, Sam, to say what i may or may not say about what you are saying.

    That you like to incite fellow members, i.e. Robin, to continue this is typical Sam behaviour.
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  8. We should all follow QC’s fine behaviour on PN and not talk politics (it’s so upsetting) and not post photos (are photos even relevant?). Just imagine how close to perfection the site would then be
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