Exakta VX Test Report

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  1. Herbert Keppler takes a close look at the latest Exakta camera in this report from the October 1952 issue of Modern Photography.

  2. Scanning through the ads I was surprised to see this '1952 Polio Precautions' item posted. I remember as a kid the fear that Polio caused.

  3. Here is this month's Coffee Break column.

  4. The Behind the Scenes column has an all too short interview with the head of Fuji Photo Film.

  5. There are quite a few camera equipment ads for this month.

  6. Here are the dealer ads for this month.

  7. The interview was interesting. A real piece of history that not many today would know about. Thanks.
  8. That was my first camera, actually my father's camera.
    The film advance is also left-handed.
    I guess the designer was left-handed ;)
    I got used to the left hand operation quickly.

    I also had a film knife. You could load a film as a 2 cartridge setup; supply + take-up cartridge. When you finished, use the knife to cut the film and advance the rest of the film into the take-up cartridge. No need to rewind the film. That was kinda neat.

    I found it a nice camera to use.
  9. Mike- I guess the best interviews are those that make you wish there was more.

    Gary-Thanks for the hand-on report. I think I could get use to left hand operation. The bottom advance levers on my Canonflexes are troubling.
  10. Marc, again thanks for these posts.

    Nice review of the Exakta VX by Herbert Keppler, who was probably about to get hooked on SLRs. Back in 1952 reflex cameras were not so obvious ("if you use a red filter, everything will look red through the viewfinder"). I remember the Biotar being highly appreciated. Exkta ad, from infinite to infinitesimal, probably went with the review.

    Many remarkable new products, among them Canon IV, Nikon RF, Prominent, Retina IIa. 35mm folders were popular.

    The best cameras would have been very expensive for the average amateur at the time..

    The Coffee Break is one of the best I have read.
  11. Thanks, Marc

    Keppler was one of the early proponents of the SLR. He literally wrote the book on it.
    Keppler in 1962 and an ad for his book
  12. Thank you Marc, another great collection. It's always fun, reading a review of a camera one has used quite frequently over the years, and the Exakta VX review was no exception. Time I blew the dust off mine and shot another film...

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