Engagement Pictures in the Snow?!

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by anner, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. I wanted to share some shots I took recently in a c-c-c-cold situation and get your feedback on how to make better use of a frozen landscape and/or people who are REALLY cold!! (Thank goodness it wasn't WET snow!) Anyone else have to shoot engagement pictures or wedding pictures in f-f-f-freezing weather?

    Click Here to see the images in a flash slideshow.

    Click Here to read about it in my blog.

    Thanks for your feedback! (Today is MUCH warmer! Thank you, Sunshine!)
  2. I love it! Good looking couple, excellent shots!
  3. Ruth, these are fantastic! I love them. I did engagement pics outside in the snow in Dec, but they didn't turn out near as good as yours! My couple didn't wear coats, and they were cold. You can tell in most of the pictures. Congratulations on a great shoot!
  4. SCL


    Anne - I almost passed it up, and glad I didn't. I think your shots, presentation etc. was outstanding! Congratulations on a job exceedingly well done.
  5. Anne - how'd you do that flash presentation? I love it....that's my favorite song at the moment too. Gotta get that blunt CD.
  6. As usual you did an excellent job and I love that B&W above. The kid looks way too young to be engaged (or to afford your top notch pro work ;).

  7. I think there's actually a link at the bottom of the show that takes you to the webpage
    where you can order your own copy of the program. It's a quick and easy (if you know just
    a little html) way to get a flash slideshow on the web. The only thing I caution is that it is
    for web viewing only- so this will not help those looking for a DVD compatible slideshow.
    I love that it allows you to link to where the music can be purchased online... (my link
    requires iTunes).
  8. I like that song too, but if you listen to the lyrics its about a man sharing a glance with a woman that is with another man and him holding onto that moment, even though he'll never be with her.. not exactly engagement appropriate! but i still love it :)

    The photos are great, i only wish for a little more contrast in the sky.

    good job. :)
  9. The one above is Kari's, not mine ;-) I agree, it's nice Kari! At least you GOT them to take
    their coats off! My couple would have thrown me in a snowbank if I had asked! They were
    barely willing to let me finish the roll of film. ;-)

    (Why does everyone call me Ruth?? I get that ALL the time! LOL!)
  10. Juliet- Yeah, I know what you mean about the lyrics of the song being a little... eh...
    well.... at least the chorus keeps repeating "You're Beautiful!" I debated about the music
    because of that, but in the end I liked the actual music too much to let the lyrics get in the
    way. ;-) I ended up rationalizing it in a way that was like... maybe this is how they met...
    maybe he saw her from across the way... which I think is pretty close to their actual story.
    I kept the show short too so that we don't get into the really heavy lyrics. ;-)

    Thank you for the comments about the contrast in the sky. I'm afraid there wasn't much
    of any contrast that day! Everything was gray and white. I'm actually surprised there was
    even contrast in the footprints of the snow.. that certainly was a risk on my part.
  11. WHAT? No snowball fight? But you did have snow angels.

    I think I like the very last one best(with the hat on the guy) it really shows her lovely hair to it's advantage.

    I like the slide show too!
  12. LOL!! He wanted a snowball fight and actually threw a snowball at her when her back was turned!! She turned around and gave him the look of DEATH! ;-) There are many women who would die for hair like hers... or at least pay obscene amounts for extensions.
  13. I love the hat too! It was her idea and he almost didn't wear it. We had to practically beg him to put it on. That's another thing to think about with bland backgrounds in the winter- accessories!!! I have another shoot coming up this weekend, but it will be much less snow and much more architecture. I asked them to bring a bold colored scarf, but I may bring one myself in case they forget.
  14. awesome Anne! Beautiful! I'm freezing just looking at them (or could that be because its freezing here too?!!) Nice job
  15. Classy work Anne & Kari
  16. Awesome series! I think these are the best snow-bound pictures I have seen yet. Excellent work and Thanks for sharing!
  17. Anne, Love these, they look great. Here is a recent engagement shot, the couple lasted about 10 minutes. I was really nervous it was my first engagement session. You said it was freezing, I take it your in Michigan. Melany
  18. I apologize for the B&W photo attribution above -- nice job Kari.
  19. i guess the only bright side is that snow is a cheap and free reflector.
  20. Sorry Anne, I know your name is Anne, I don't know why I called you Ruth! Braid Freeze I guess!
  21. Nice work nailing the exposure with the snow, Anne!

    In your blog, you mentioned you brought along film: Which one(s)? Did you develop your own, or send it out?

    By the way, little girls make angels in the snow... Little boys write their name in the snow! :)
  22. Anne, Concratulations............those pictures are out of this world in the true sense of the word. I love them.........all I can say is wow :)
  23. LOL DAN!!! Literally busted out loud with laughter! I can just see the next engagement session... "and, now if you could just turn your back and write "I love you" in the snow.... " oh, my poor brain has been corrupted!
  24. And you can give the script text a nice yellow color in Photoshop!

    How did the song go? "Don't eat yellow snow..."
  25. Thank you for such gracious comments!!! I'm humbled by your praise. I'm always looking for ways to pick apart my work that sometimes I forget to enjoy it myself. ;-)

    The film was my favorite Kodak Professional BW400CN. It's a C-41 process film with amazingly fine grain AND great contrast. I set the camera to ISO 320 in order to overexpose slightly (this film has great leverage). I had the negatives developed and scanned- and whoa-la! Here they are. ;-)
  26. Ann, that was a Good Choice for film, since it was very high contrast lighting, and Kodak's chromogenic films are relatively flat.

    Also, Kodak & Ilford XP2 chromogenic films scan well, since the silver is bleached out and doesn't screw up IR/ICE.
  27. Anne, those are FABULOUS. I absolutely love them. Now I want to find snow (hard, as I live in Phoenix) and a couple to photograph. Wow. Those pictures are stunning! I'd be proud to have images like those. :)

  28. Bravo Anne, you work is progressing so fast it makes my head spin ; -) And you are brave to
    go out into the bitter cold we have been having.

    BTW, I love the script you use for your name on the site. What is it? Did you do it, or did you
    have it done? Very elegant lines, but still highly readable.
  29. Just had to jump in, Anne, and say these shots are wonderful. The emotions are evident in the pics, and that's a big part of it. She does have beautiful hair, that's for sure.

    I'm from Maine, and you could get pics like this about eight months out of the year sometimes. You just can't wait until summer (two days in August) to get everyone engaged.

    Great job. I'm betting they're gonna figure it was worth it to get cold for those pictures.

    Best Regards,
  30. Anne,

    Great shots. Here in Dallas, we don't get a lot of engagement shoots with snow. I wonder if there were someway, with a shade perhaps to cut down on the squinting. I personally like the high key effect in the bland sky/snow, but it might be interesting to apply a gradient layer to the sky in some of those shots to see how it looked. I'm not at home now or I'd give it a try. Just a thought, but wonderful work. I did read your magnum opus BTW and glad to here things are going so well for you.
  31. Anne, marvelous, with heart warming intimacy and a touch of fun. That should be a great wedding..

  32. Jennifer - Maybe not in Phoenix (although it did snow a few times when I lived there- poor elementary kids thought that the hail were stones falling from the sky), but Flagstaff isn't too far away!! You just gotta get up those steep two lane mountains ;-) Marc- Thank you very much, your praise means a lot to me because I know how critical your eye is. You're a humble and kind person to go out of your way to make wonderful comments. ;-) The font, as previous revealed, is freely available for download.. but I don't remember where. It's called Scriptina (I think) and that's EXACTLY why I picked it. You KNOW how difficult (and important) it is to find a nice but easy to read font. However, since my secret is out of the bag, eventually I may have to custom design a script so that I can look a little more "original." I'll have some time off in September to really focus on my web design and overall image, and I hope I can look forward to getting your critiques. ;-) Barry- I think you gave me the greatest compliment I could get. The fact that the emotion is apparent and can be communicated through a still image makes any freezing temperature worth while! Paul- Hopefully most of the squinting is due to their smiles but I guess I could have put a large black backdrop behind me, to help the eyes relax a little more. I actually did take that into consideration and wore all black so that they'd have something dark to focus on, but there's still a lot of light reflected from the snow which can strain the eyes. I actually tried to keep them back-lit most of the time for the squinting reasons. I think there are a few places where I actually could have benefitted from adding a reflector to utilize some of the backlighting, like with the image below...
  33. Anne, I think you did a great job. I love how you incorporated the tree into the composition. Nice work and great inspiration for all of us!
  34. Very 'cool'.
  35. Nicely done!!! Good exposures and terrific emotion! Yes, the script is called scriptina and it can be had as a free download.........
  36. Anne
    Brilliant job-the couple are obviously very much in love.What came across to me is the amazing relationship that you must have developed with them in order to gain such photos. You are obviously not just talented in the technical part of your job.Well done and good Luck with your future work.
  37. This is a funny place to see you Anne, I googled before I went to shoot and look what I found - shall we compare notes?

    My clients wanted the additional biological elements of their 'family' included. A wild puppy always makes it more interesting!

    This one they used for the back of their card^

    They used this one for the front of the card.

    I liked shooting the dusk best as usual

    BTW: Weird Al is the only voice I hear for that song any longer
    Why all B+W was that a request?
  38. Nice shots Neil - I love their card choices... isn't it interesting that they only went for the
    natural light?

    Yep - my clients only wanted B&W, so I shot it all on film so that I didn't even have to bother
    with highlight balancing. I only got half way into the second roll before they decided it was
    too cold to keep shooting. The B&W definitely helped with the red noses!
  39. ". isn't it interesting that they only went for the natural light?"

    No, it quit snowing at dusk and I was ticked cause it would have been so cool to have the
    snowflakes illuminated!

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