encyclopedia of photography?

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  1. hello to all. this is my first
    post to photo.net, though
    i've been lurking for some
    time--mostly in the mf, lf
    and classic/pre 1970s
    forums. i have an
    opportunity to pick up a
    complete set of the
    encyclopedia of
    photography (greystone
    press, willard morgan, ed.),
    early-mid '60s vintage. this
    was something that came up
    online so i have no way of
    perusing the content, and
    so far my online searches
    have come up bupkus
    (thouph i have learned that
    here at PN, people seem to
    like the focal encyclopedia a
    lot). so my question is, well,
    questions, really. . .what's in
    this thing? will it be worth
    my while? to put it another
    way, if its content is more
    along the lines of coffee
    table book fare, i don't want
    it. but if it's packed with
    info about the famous
    makers (their history and
    cameras and lenses), and
    info about technique and
    processing and printing,
    then i definitely *do* want
    it. any help appreciated.
  2. I have that encyclopedia so maybe I can help you. It' not exactly a coffee table book, since
    it has 20 volumes.
    I'd describe it as a 60's version of a "Time/Life" series. It touches on all aspects of
    photography, and goes into some depth on some subjects, but it's not really a reference
    book or a history book.
    There are biographies, how-to's, entries on different processes, entries on the equipment
    of the day. There is everything from cat photography to skin poisoning from developers.
    There are entries on rangefinder cameras and reflex cameras and view cameras, but not
    so much on specific individual cameras or their histories.
    There is a beginners guide to developing and printing. I can go on and on.
    I Googled..

    "encyclopedia of photography" + "willard d. morgan" (all one search term)

    and found lots of these books for pretty cheap. How much was your opportunity going to
    cost? I saw it for as little as $50.
    Where are you located?
    With 20 volumes, it's hard to describe. There is so much info in the books (some still
    relevant), I don't know where to stop.


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