Efke & Rollei IR films peak at?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by curtis_lowe, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. I know both the Efke & Rollei films extend to 820nm but does any body know what sensitivity they peak at?
  2. Hi Curtis, very simply for ROLLEI films, if you going to download the data sheets under: www.mahn.net

    For the Photokina (Sept. 22 - 28th) there will be new interesting ROLLEI film, paper and chemistry in the pipline. Watch for the press releases.

  3. Rollei 820/400 730-740nm as you can see on the data sheet. Efke IR820 a bit higher.
  4. This is Rollei with a 750nm filter. It took 4 whole seconds, at F4, to get a very thin negative.
  5. The film is going down fast in sensitivity over 750nm, one of the reasons a 715nm filter or 720nm filter is the optimum.

    M645 pro, RG715 (Heliopan), iso 12, 1/30S f=5.6
    Sekor 3,5/150mm

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