Double exposures

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  1. My Argus C3 does not have double exposure prevention
  2. Thats a great result, like looking at the scene through a red filter. Good looking 90s' car.
  3. Trees_8787_sml.jpg
    Accidental double
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  4. I like the window in the top right corner. It’s like standing inside a tornado and looking up.
  5. This is not a double exposure per se. It's the result of shooting into a glass display cabinet. fullsizeoutput_4242copy.jpg
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  6. Supriyo,
    Thanks. Yes, that's why I didn't trash it. It was a blunder, took a shot, recocked the shutter and then bumped the release while still getting ready for the next shot. I think I was blocking part of the image space to get the black in the corner that lets the first image come through.
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