Do yall enjoy shooting weddings or are they a pain??

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  1. How many of yall wedding photographers actually like to shoot weddings? I’m sure yall wouldn’t shoot weddings if yall didn’t like them. Is it tough putting up with cranky bride and grooms or do most weddings end smoothly? I wouldn’t know, I’m a wildlife/nature photographer.
  2. A wedding assignment can be pure joy provided the key characters do not morph into "I groomzilla bridezilla." But who's to know if the colours will change during the assignment?
  3. most of the people that I know that do not like to shoot weddings dont shoot weddings anymore. If you do it and hate it, you probably wont do it well.
    In this regard, I only work with people that I like and shoot less than 20 weddings a year. Any more than that and I start to get bothered by it.
    Someone once said that if you dont like shooting weddings, leave shooting weddings to people who do.
  4. I love love love shooting weddings. I've never had an issue with brides or grooms. Wedding shooting is so great because each one is different, the surprises are great, thinking on your feet is fun. Plus, the people! You meet so many interesting people.
  5. Yes, I like shooting weddings. Most weddings go smoothly in the end. Most glitches are minor enough that all involved can get over them pretty easily. If the glitches are the bride and groom themselves, I do what I need to do to get my job done, otherwise, I leave them alone. A sense of humor helps in every regard, so if yall are considering shooting weddings, don't leave home without one.
  6. I really do enjoy it. There is a certain combination of excitement and satisfaction that I feel going into every wedding I shoot. I've never found any other type of photography that I enjoy nearly as much.
  7. Love the shooting ( 30 years ) ~!! :: Utterly detest the post work ~~ no pleasure what so ever .
  8. I enjoy shooting weddings very much. But then I don't shoot as many as most of the folks here. Six or so a year is my limit, at the moment, and I don't really want many more than that. I'm afraid that if I did it full time my attitude might be subject to serious down grading.
    I spent a great deal of my working life in high end, high volume kitchens so I love the challenge, pressure and constant surprises but I don't think I could make it a lifestyle as I once did.
    My favorite gig is as a second. To me that is the best of all. You show up, take your shots, enjoy the occasion, hand in your film or cards, collect your pay and go pressure, no hours in front of the computer....what could be better than that?
    OK! Maybe it's not that easy...but I do like it.
  9. If you don't enjoy it, you shouldn't be doing it. How can you perform well and capture the emotion of the day if you yourself aren't in some way vested in it. It's not like family photos, senior portraits, landscapes or architecture. Those photos can typically be taken with out attachment and joy in what you are shooting with good results....a wedding is a day of roller coaster emotions where you have to feel something to capture it the way it was meant to be captured. If you don't want to be there and it is painful, the pictures will reflect that. The best of the best have great emotion in their photos and it is because of the emotion that they feel when they shoot a wedding.
    "A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed." - Ansel Adams
  10. What does "yall" wedding photographers mean? I am English but this word evades me....
  11. Ansel did not shoot weddings :)
  12. "Yall" properly spelled "ya'll short for "you all." Spend some time in the southern United States and you'll hear it all the time.
  13. My wife, a native Texan, says the correct spelling is "Y'all".
  14. Hi David Bell,
    Up north to indicate everyone inclusive we used the expression, yous-guys, in the south it's Ya'll. When I moved to GA I was out with friends as it came time to leave I said, "yous-guys ready to leave?" to that the girls said "what about us?". Hmm I though they got me on that one.
  15. Hi David Bell,
    Up north to indicate everyone inclusive we used the expression, yous-guys, in the south it's Ya'll. When I moved to GA I was out with friends as it came time to leave I said, "yous-guys ready to leave?" to that the girls said "what about us?". Hmm I though they got me on that one.
  16. So Colton, your turn:
    Do you actually like to shoot wildlife/nature? I’m sure you wouldn’t shoot wildlife/nature if you didn’t like it. Is it tough putting up with cranky wildlife/nature or do most shoots end smoothly? I wouldn’t know, I’m a wedding photographer.
  17. <p>Great Question!<br>
    Well.. I am a bit of a walking contradiction about shooting weddings. I have been photographing weddings since 1993, at my peak I was doing about 60 a year and now I am down to about 30 average. All in all, I mostly would prefer to be doing something else. What I have come to dislike the most is the lack of control and the time constraints. And lets face it once you have shot 50 wedding receptions well they all seem to start to look alike.With all this in mind, above all things I am a pro photographer and once I pick up a camera the only attitude that seems to surface is &quot; Lets do it!&quot; no matter what my attitude may be regarding whether I want to be at a wedding or not, something else kicks in, call it work ethic, ego, or the inability to give nothing but my best, it seems to work. So I disagree with most of those who posted that if one dislikes shooting weddings it will show in the work. Tell me what you think check out my sites and critique away if you like.<br>

  18. As a native Texan and former resident of Georgia, I'm inclined to favor "y'all" as a contraction of you and all, at least for Texans. Apart from the descendants of Texas Germans and Czechs, mostly in the Hill Country, and the odd mispronunciation of Spanish, the sound "ya" is never heard. In the affirmative, it would be "yep" or "yup". You is pronounced "yew". All is pronounced "awl". Hence, yew-all or y'all.
    When I lived in New York only people from Brooklyn and Joisy said "You'se guise". But that was in the 1960s and the mutation of language waits for no man. Usually it can be found not waiting on the corner of toidy-toid and toid street.
    Sorry, what was the topic again?
    Oh, yeh, weddings. I enjoy the heck out of photographing weddings. But I'm not a pro. Don't even play one on I just shoot 'em for family and friends as wedding gifts when the alternative would have been snapshots or no photos at all. So far, so good, y'all.
  19. Yes i'm from south Texas so yall is in my vocabulary and I say it alot as yall can tell. Sounds like most of yall have alot of fun at weddings.
    Susanne, do I enjoy wildlife photography? YES
    Do I get tired of putting up with cranky wild animals? No, it's half the fun....
    If I didn't like it would I do it?.....Maybe......If I felt like it.......
    Anymore questions???
  20. Yes, shooting weddings give me a planned purpose ... a creative outlet with a reason.
    After a career in the dog-eat-dog political world of advertising, shooting a wedding is a walk in the park.
    When I run across the occasional unappreciative Bride or a control freak, I go with the flow and remember it's just one wedding out of many. Just do the job, and move on.
  21. "It's not like family photos, senior portraits, landscapes or architecture. Those photos can typically be taken with out attachment and joy in what you are shooting with good results."
    Nonsense! If you don't enjoy what you're shooting, no matter what the subject, it will ultimately show in your work. And, if you're right about what you suggest, quoting Adams makes no sense at all!
  22. Y'all corresponds to the older English "ye" or "Sie" in German, and is used to address more than one person. "You" in the South corresponds to older English "thou" or "du" in German, and is used when addressing one person. Never say "y'all" to one person unless you mean him or her, plus others, e.g., their family, spouse, children, or friends. For example: "Mary, would you like to go to the dance with me?" (a date with Mary), or "Mary, would y'all like to come to dinner with us?" (an invitation to Mary and her husband, for example). It makes for clearer communication, and makes up for the unfortunate loss in modern English of those differentiations.
    S/F Wayne
  23. Actually, I'm from Connecticut where a yawl is a type of sailboat.
    As for weddings, I shot one in my life. I had a manual FM3a, a 50-135mm f3.5 Nikkor, and 4 ( count 'em, FOUR ) rolls of Portra, with nowhere to get more. Out of 144 shots, I got 118 keepers. You don't often read that coming you digital guys. : )
  24. I absolutely LOVE shooting weddings. In fact, that's about all I do these days. I've been married for nearly 18 years, but my wedding was pretty plain and boring. Every weekend that I get to shoot a wedding my heart still skips a beat. I laugh when they laugh, and tear up with they cry. What can I say... I'm a hopeless Romantic.
    By the way, I'm originally from Ga. I still say Yall, but I've noticed the folks out here in SoCal, particularly at some of the wineries, seem to judge my southern accent with disdain.
    Theresa Minnette, Temecula Ca Wedding Photographer
  25. Check out this good photographer:
    It looks like he is enjoying the work.
  26. i really enjoy! the pain catches up with me later on - right wrist and overall fatigue. But it disappears when i get a decent pic!:)
  27. When I stop liking weddings, I'll stop shooting them.
    I'm from Canada, we use neither y'all or yous' guys (ugh). But we use another certain word a lot, eh?
  28. Love it, more than anything else I shoot.
    If it were not for weddings, I would be pretty bored with photography I suspect.
  29. Over the years Weddings have enabled me to keep paying the mortgage and keep a roof over my head and food on the table. Lately as other work has come along and the nature of the Wedding assignment has changed, I have got down to just doing a handful a year and those are all by recommendation, I have not actively advertised for about ten years at least. However, with the recession starting to bite, I can see an opportunity for the budget service my business partner and I offered back in the late 80's early 90's when money was tight then. Hard work, but good money. So yes I enjoy Weddings, but not exclusively. As to this language question, I am a Sarf Londoner living now in Wiltshire, England, so wot do I know???
  30. <p>I wouldn't shoot them if I didn't think they were fun...<br>
    Even better when I can combine wedding and nature photography!<br>
  31. I enjoy the photography, but not the stress of having just one irreplaceable moment to shoot. I'll never adjust to that. Adding urgency and now-or-never stress always takes some of the enjoyment out of the process of shooting, regardless of what it's for.
    So not always the most enjoyable. But compared to doing OTHER work, like in an office? Yeah, I love wedding photography. So perhaps it depends on what you compare it to.
    @Ken - Nice photo!
  32. I am a few days late on this one,,,
    Actually "like" to photo weddings, ? they have their good moments & their stressful moments. Photo'ed them since 1994, do it for the money, like them ? used to, kinda burned out of being gone on Saturdays, bridezillas, late people, my photos getting scanned, late flowers, late brides, drunk grooms, late cakes, late pastors, wild 2 year old ring bearers, bride & mom fighting, grumpy grooms, begging groom to smile,
    You are a ""wildlife/nature photographer"" good, can you make money at it ?

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