Developing Maco IR in T-Max straight or 1:1

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  1. Does anyone know the times for this film in T-Max? All it gives is times for
    D-76 (5 min at 70F I think). Is there a correlation between a D-76 and T-Max
    development time? I would run tests if this were for commercial work, but
    since it is infrared and for a college class, I am low on money and time to do
    it and I could really use a time that someone has used.


    ~Karl Borowski
  2. Sorry, this is the new ROLLEI infrared, not Maco. I guess they actually are different films, although the ROLLEI is the successor to Maco I gather.
  3. Its a new film and you may have trouble finding people who have used this combo. In situations such as these, extrapolation of data is your best friend. A quick glance at digital truth shows that on average the times for Tmax dev at 1+4 are roughly 40% shorter than the times for D-76 1+1 with the film being constant. Get together enough film and dev combos and you can get a time for Tmax that should be in the ball park. Of course the EI of an IR film can vary greatly depending on filtration, scene and lighting conditions so it may be in your best interest to bracket your shots to have a better chance of getting something useful.
  4. Hello Karl!

    Why don't you download the data sheet of the ROLLEI IR 820/400 film, and the ROLLEI development chart (both in English) under KISS= Keep it short and simple!

  5. Some time ago I emailed the manufacturer with a similar question. They answered (yes, they do answer emails!) that development times are identical for both the old IR 820C (100 ISO) and the new Rollei Infrared (400 ISO).

    According to the development time for IR 820C in TMax 1:4 @ 20C is 7 minutes. I believe this is the time I used, and the film looks fine.
  6. A lot of times pointed out with this I.R. film along APX400 "compatibility"

    Film Developer Dilution ASA/ISO 35mm 120 Sheet Temp Notes

    APX 400 TMax Dev 1+4 400 7 7 20C [30]
    Note [30] Development data is taken from a previous version of this film. Starting point time may differ.

    7 minutes for Tmax 1+4 will be a good starting point for this Rollei IR-400 film.

    Further information and tests for the Rollei films you will find also here but more specific for the European developers:
  7. Thank you all very much for your help. I'll go with the 7 min. I'm curious, I thought that the
    dilution was 1:1. Are the only two combinations straight (RS) and 1:4 for T-Max? I might
    have read the college lab manual wrong, but I could have SWORN it was diluted 1:1.


    ~Karl Borowski
  8. T-MAX and T-MAX RS are very similar, but different developers. I have never used T-MAX RS; according to Kodak datasheet, it seems to be supplied as a working solution. T-MAX is a syrupy concentrate and is usually diluted 1:4 with water. Mixed 1:1 it would probably be noticeably thick and difficult to work with... and quite expensive.


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