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  1. How many times can be Kodak D 76 (1+1 be reused)?
    I have developed three rolls(one pushed for 19 mins) and stored (1+1 D 76) in bottle with no air pocket.
  2. According to Kodak, D-76 1+1 is "single use". Your latter rolls are probably under-developed.
    If D-76 is too expensive, buy a cheap digital scale, and the ingredients, and mix your own.
  3. Yep, single use for 1+1. The stock solution can be reused with adjustments to developing time or a replenisher. For most consistent results, with the least hassles, go 1+1 and toss the developer after each use. As John mentions, you can mix your own.
  4. D 76, as an MQ formula, does not lend itself well to re use at the 1+1 dilution. PQ formulas do this much more effectively.
    Lowell Huff
  5. Thanks everyone fr ur responses.
  6. Typically you keep the non diluted for a long period of time and then pour that off for a 1:1 dilution and then pour it out.
  7. If you don't dilute to 1:1, you can reuse the developer, and even replenish it with the appropriate chemicals.
    I recommend the one-time use. In my case, I just don't do enough B&W work to make extending the life of the developer practical. It times out before I use it up anyhow.
    If you do want to try making your own developer, it's simple enough if you can get the chemicals. Internet searches will yield lots of information on "home-brew" developing - search for D-76 and "developer formula" etc.
    Here are the components group of developers similar to and including D-76:
  8. I've been using D-76 for 40 years and never reuse it regardless of whether I use it straight or 1:1. Reusing and replenishing makes sense if you're doing large volumes. We used to do it at newspapers where I worked. But it's too much trouble otherwise. At this point, a gallon usually goes bad before I use it up, so I'm more inclined to try to use it up rather than stretch it out.
  9. JMD Von Weiberg that was very informative
  10. In theory, D-76 can be reused. However, it is chemically depleted during use, so it is necessary to either replenish it or extend the development time to compensate for prior use. Kodak used to sell a replenisher for use with D-76, but I haven't seen it any in years (decades). I also vaguely recall seeing tables in some old publications that gave extended development times for used developer.
    But seriously, D-76 is cheap. Film is expensive, and images are often not repeatable. So avoid problems and use the developer as a one-shot.
  11. Kodak sold off their chemicals division years ago. Just because Kodak doesn't offer it does not mean that it isn't still made. Eastman Chemicals sells both Microdol-X and D-76R through Freestyle under the LegacyPro name. They even sell HC110R. D-76R, Microdol-X, HC110R. I actually don't see the point of the HC110R but I have not researched it at all. I use use HC110 as a one shot.
    I use D-76 at 1:1 one shot. I have had D-76 last over a year and still be usable, I should say that it is stored in a cool basement and has relatively small temperature change. Usually 62ºf to 70ºf. Have you read the technical publication by Kodak on D-76? You can find all of Kodak's Technical Publications here.
  12. If you dilute it 1:1 it needs to get tossed, no doubt about it. You can reuse it if you use it undiluted, but you will have higher quality negatives if you dilute it 1:1.

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