D-76 1:1 Times for PX

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  1. I shoot mainly Tri-X and times are given for straight D-76 and
    the 1:1 dilution. I have always used the 1:1 dilution. On boxes of
    Plus-X(and T-Max) it only says D-76 it does not specify whether it
    is 1:1 or not. If not specified does D-76 mean 1:1 or straight?
  2. I use Plus-X at box speed in D-76 1:1 for 6 1/2 to 7 minutes with very gentle agitaion every 60 seconds. (about 3 inversions). Very fine grain.More (or more vigorous) agitation = less time, more grain.
  3. Not specified means full strength. 1:1 means 4 oz stock plus 4 oz fresh water. You need 8 oz total to cover the film on a stainless tank and more in one of the plastic jobs.
    If you only have times for full strength, multiply by 1.4 to get 1:1 times. D 76 1:1 and plus x is seven minuites @ 68 degrees for a condenser enlarger and eight for a diffusion.
    Agitation is 5 sec every 30 sec.
    The Kodak website is full of information, although somewhat hard to navigate and they keep changing it after you learn.
  4. Old and New PX have given me slightly different results with their processing times. www.digitaltruth.com massive development chart. is a good place to start. yes, if not specified it usually means that it is stock 1:0 not 1:1.
  5. The data given on the boxes is pathetically abbreviated. See Kodak Publications F-8 (Plus-X) or J-76 (D-76) for full information on D-76 1:1 times. Be careful to note that you are supposed to use 8 oz of D-76 and 8 oz of water to develop one 36-exposure roll. (I didn't in my youth, and my Tri-X negatives suffered for that.)

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