Coppi Barbieri’s still life

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  1. i like what this photographer has done with everyday objects. Some of the photos are more abstract than others, while others resemble things they are not, or allude to sensuality. Overall, I like the simplicity and the nice color handling in the works. Just wanted to share.

    When a Crushed Water Bottle Looks Like a Human Body
  2. Thanks for posting.

    Reminds me a little of the 1930s and 40s (peppers and rocks), but still interesting.
  3. I agree, Edward Weston will probably remain a reference for any work in expressive still life that comes afterwards. I like the photographer's conscious use of color that blends very well with the shapes, without being flashy or full of diversity in any of the images.
  4. Wow.!
    Maybe it is simply my lack of ability in the genre, but.......this guy Must Have/Could Have been the ultimate in commercial and product placement photography :)
  5. Like Supriyo, I really like the subtle differences in subject and background colors. The colors are not too pure and not too saturated, and the background color compliments the subject color well.
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  6. Very sophisticated, subtle and creative work. Will keep some of these images in the back of my brain to help me try and see things in a new way.

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