Comprehesive review of Panasonic MFT lenses.

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  1. Photographer David Ruether reviews most Panasonic's micro four-third lenses. Along the way he gets into such things as manufacturing sample variations, a few Olympus lenses, some adapted lenses, a rave for the Sigma 60mm F2.8 DN lens, infra-red usage, fish eye usage and more. Well worth reading.
  2. Interesting comments though sadly for me he doesn't review the 014140 which is my one and only lens. Also half way around the world I am not really in a position to return so I take what I get and quite like my 7.5mm which innitally I used on my Oly Pen 1 as a walk around a couple of times. The bug-eye bought in a moment of weakness for 'fun' :) Warp Mesh in PSP is a saving grace for the bug-shots :)
  3. This review further confirms my selection of lens without Panasonic to be a wise choice.
  4. Thanks for that link. It's an interesting and eclectic list, though we have to allow that it's a personal review rather than an exhaustive one.
    The natural response is to like these things when they reinforce one's own experience, and to mistrust them when they disagree.
    I was surprised at his lukewarm review of the Lumix 14mm. I love this lens, and I noticed a distinct improvement over the quality of the 14mm end of my kit lens when I first used it. This same kit lens gets a glowing review in Ruether's list, so what to make of that...
    Anyway, there are plenty of samples and it's all useful data if you are contemplating a lens purchase. You don't have to agree with it all.
  5. If I owned a camera store I'd ban this guy. He seems to be obsessively buying and returning lenses, even in one or two
    cases buying lenses that he knows from reading about them will have a problem that will cause him to reject the lens,
    seeing that it does have that problem and returning it.
  6. Nice to see David has moved to m4/3.
  7. That is the most horribly laid out web stuff I've seen in a really really long time, though. Useless to try and navigate. Ugh. Oh, my. Reminds me of the interwebz's very early days.

    That said, only have one Panny lens, but it's the amazing 1st gen 20mm f1.7. INCREDIBLE lens.
  8. I have the 20mm and its great, and so is is the 12-35, which I don't think he looked
  9. would be a much more readable article if he indented paragraphs occasionally.
  10. In his defense, he tested lenses to suit his needs, primarily video. But I'm betting he'd like the 12-35 and 35-100.
    I do agree, the layout is, well, lacking. Oh, well.
  11. He missed the fine Leica 15 mm f1.7. But still a nice read.

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