Classic Manual Camera Weekend, May 13

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  1. We're closing in on Friday, May 13 for those parts of the world that haven't already reached that date. A special invitation to those members who have been watching but haven't posted in this thread. We'd love to see your work. Generally we post three images each, taken with classic gear (pure classic or maybe a little "hybrid" sometimes). And an invitation to post that fourth image in the 365 day thread. I'll get us started.
  2. A couple of comments that friends shared with me before I posted the above image: (1)Didn't know you could run that fast. (2)When are you going to mow your lawn?
    My answers: the moderately wide 35mm lens of the XA makes the distance I ran seem greater. but rumors of my inability to run have been greatly exaggerated. After all, I'm only 58. Yard mowing this weekend.
    Next image is another XA photo. The XA, like other rangefinders has a limited close focus so from time to time I see how close I can get.
  3. A little editing but here's the image.
  4. Changing cameras for last image.
  5. 1- You would have to get up and get to the camera before the image. Light is transmitted in air slower than in a vacuum. That is possible.
    2- Extreme curvature of space so the camera is next to you
    3- Many mirrors to increase the distance image travels
    4- 1 mirror with a photo of you reflection
    5- I go with the probability that you consulted with Rube Goldberg
  6. That and a 10 second self timer. When I get really old I'll use an ultra wide for my selfies.
  7. The bass Player
  8. I forgot why I liked this camera so much. This is the Signet 50 which I think is overlooked. 44mm 2.8 Ektanar lens and sinchro 250 shutter. The light meter works perfectly and the coupling of aperture and speed is easiest most convenient system. These were taken from a distance and then cropped. I think it has impressive performance.
  9. I was chasing this bumble (maybe carpenter) bee all over. They move faster than I expected
  10. Oops here is photo
  11. And some variety, the grand daughters
  12. Three frames from a Bronica ETRs, using the 150mm Zenzanon MC f/3.5 lens. Film was Ilford HP5 developed in PMK Pyro, scans from an Epson V700 using Silverfast SE software. I've been trying to refine the development to produce the perfect negative for scanning, as opposed to printing, and I think I'm seeing some progress.
  13. [​IMG]
    Hembrug Military Weekend - May 2016
    Leica IIIc, 5cm f/2.5 Hektor, Fomapan 100
  14. Giving the "poor man's Leica" a go in its natural habitat. Technically far from perfect, and the camera is capable of far better than this, but I like the overal atmosphere that came out.
  15. Rick, I just switched from vuescan to Silverfast. I think it has more potential but a bigger curve but then again I never learned everything about Vuescan either.
  16. Rick Drawbridge, I love #2. Negative space suggests the uneasiness of a dog awaiting his pack leader.
  17. One of these days, I'll be posting on this little gem.
    Who has time to take pictures when there's an addiction to feed? My neighbor had these at his garage sale. His dad bought them in the early '60s. They are clean and working. $70 total.
    Separately, I have my box of chemistry next to me. I'll be developing my first batch of B&W ever this weekend, so I should have a whole post later next week.
  19. I have read reviews of the lenses that were mediocre but I got some of my best results from the Exa Thagee
  20. [​IMG]
    Test roll on Halina Pet, Ilford 400.
  21. from last month, (welta reflekta, pan f)
  22. Upper Beaver Falls
  23. Old Farm Truck FE2 50mm HP5, PyroHD semi
  24. Anyone know about Q.G. de Bakker? I am worried he had a sudden acute event and I hope for the best.
  25. Thanks, David, I really fell for that little spaniel pup. The leader of the pack was having a morning coffee. Yes, Donald, when you get to grips with Silverfast I think you'll find it the better software. JDM and Brad, I feel pangs of envy...
  26. @Michael Loved that Bass player wit hthe Jazz Bass.. I almost heard it! @JDM lovely all black.EXA .
    looks like fun! @Brad.. always willing to help a neighbor out :) BTW with B&W you will be amazed at how
    easy this really is--then lookout! @Rick .. I woldn't think the scan and print would be different... but I do like
    the tones especialyl on the bench... Perfect!!
  27. The last time I posted one picture from the Werra ..this time I will post 3. This is a Werra III (rangefinder) and to my delight I found my Zeiss/Voigtlaender filter fits this Tessar too. This filter was a freebie from a fellow CMC user! This was done in Rodinal (new for me) and scanned using my ur-alt Epson 1640US. I may have manually dust spotted these and tweaked the levels. The last picture is under-exposed but the clouds are dramatic..but the scene was not that dark.
  28. View to the City.. my standard view
  29. The other direction
  30. Just got these printed - first time with b&w for Petri Racer.
    Quite happy with this camera, need to use it a lot more to get used to him.
    Ilford 400 I think
  31. Very Nice Elena... the Maypole dance.. a Rite of Spring for sure!!
  32. [​IMG]
    Exakta VX IIb with Tessar, Pan F+ in Beutler.
  33. What you do not see Chuck is the heavy rain, was soaked to the bone and poked with umbrellas all day. Certainly seen no sign of spring besides the fun dancing of the local kids :)
    What a calming image Julio.

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