Canon Thursday Photo #2

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    I'll start us off this week. It is Thursday in Iowa, after all.
    Of all the toys he has, a crinkly water bottle tops them all!
    Canon EOS-1V, Kodak Tmax 400 film
  2. Here's some more animals. From last years trip to the zoo in Arnhem.
  3. the chimp was inside the night enclosure, but some were still outside.
  4. Inside again, this is a amazon rainforrest exhibit. (fogged up lens etc) (alligator exhibit?)
  5. Rough-legged Hawk Flies Low
    Coyote Hunts In Snow
    Long-eared Owl Looks At Me
  6. Keep it going guys, we can change the thread to "Canon Animal Thursday" ! :)
  7. Caught me on the hop this time: out last night, so thanks to Patrick for starting this. To break the animal theme. Here's a Corvette.
  8. I've been snowed under with writing work over the last week, so I haven't even picked up a camera. These are from from a visit to Cliveden Reach in late December.
  9. Smokin' Stearman.
  10. Haven't used an EOS yet this year, so here is one from last year
  11. Heard a sound like an explosion last night, but because I live out on a farm it wasn't that alarming especially after all the new years celebrations. Shortly after that there were sirens so I thought I would go take a look outside. There has been so much rain here in California that there is a lot of puddles on the roads so you have to slow down to get through some of them. Someone forgot that I guess and two cars came together. It looks like some minor injuries but nothing serious. Shot with the 5D MK IV and 70-200 2.8L II ISO 12800 1/100 f/2.8@200mm
  12. 50 f/2.5, Ds III
  13. Canon 5D Mark IV - Sigma 150-600 @ 600mm - f/10 - 1/40th sec - ISO 4000
  14. Great shots everyone, per usual.
    Here are a couple shots from last week. My granddaughter and her bff were in a Christmas pageant that had previously been postponed. My granddaughter was Mary and her bff was an angel.
  15. Bad gateway error.
  16. Pink Elephant #125
    Canon 5D2
  17. Got this one on my lunch break yesterday. 5D Mark IV Sigma 150-600mm
  18. A small deer decided to hang out in my yard last week.
    XSi, Tamron 70-300vc
  19. And another

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