Canon Thursday #46

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by robinsmith, Nov 16, 2016.

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  2. We don't have that spectacular fall foliage, so we have to help the trees a bit.
    Last night i went to the Glow-Eindhoven festival. Eindhoven is the home of a very good techincal univesity (more on that next week) and the former home of what we call a big manufacturer of light bulbs. (they don't make light bulbs anymore and moved the offices to Amsterdam)
    The Glow festival had some 40 projects in the town center and on the university campus. The festival is still to be visited till the 19th. It was a nice night for a city walk. Crowded and a lot of cameras and tripods.
    All 5d2, 28-80 2.8-4.0L mostly handheld, some with gitzo monopod.
  3. Glow in the dark wire and a few trees..
  4. fluorecent tubes, they changed color when you touched them.
  5. I'm sure many of us took advantage of the super moon this week. Here is my attempt, using a tripod, manual exposure, and post processed in Canon's DPP to increase exposure and crop the photo. It was shot with a 50D using the 100-400 zoom at 400MM F13 1/160th second at ISO 100.
  6. As usual my contribution comes from my balcony.
  7. Give the dog your food...
  8. I was hoping for a bit more daylight for a more balanced exposure between the moon and the landscape, but that didn't work out. Canon 5D Mk IV 70-200 2.8L@f/3.2 1/6 sec. ISO 6400
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  10. The fog just came rolling in one morning.
  11. When I was on my "sabbatical" from, I went to Yellowstone, the Black Hills, the trip, you know.
  12. I also found the "Holy City". I suppose it's as good a choice as any.
  13. I, of course, did take the obligatory shot of Old Faithful, but was really impressed with the less heralded scenery.
    All of these with Canon 5D Mark II and EF 24-105mm, although I was also carrying a 50D with a EF 100-400mm.
  14. John, I had the same problem with sunrise/sunset timing, same result. So, I got up early next morning, went out and shot this...
  15. The "Super Moon" from the East Coast, Fire Island on Long Island New York.
  16. I haven't taken my 80D out much lately. I'll have to change that.
    I did get some fall foliage fotos, though.
    Beautiful colors, Maria.
  17. Canon 5D Canon 100-400 L
  18. Canon 5D Mark IV Canon 100-400 L
  19. Herby our neighborhood Great Blue Heron.

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