Canon photo week 05, 2019-01-31

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jdebever, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. As usual. up to 3 photos. 1000 pixels max size.

    Down with the flue.. staying inside.
    so heres some playing with christmass decoration i should have put away weeks ago..
    Take care of yourself, its cold outside.

    This shouldn't be here. Passionfruit still on the go..
  2. I was really going to shoot something else this week. A funeral and sick kids came between me and photography. All is well now and there's some snow which makes them all happy. I, on the other hand, do not like cold feet. This triptych is three images shot about 1 hr apart. It's interesting how the light changes fast in the morning.
    @jdebever sorry to hear about the flue. It was not very nice this year, it had a long recovery period. Take care.

    @fred_strobel|1 What's that in the middle? What lens do you use with your EOS R? What's your verdict?
    5D Mark IV, 24-70 2.8
  3. The middle picture is the Confederate Monument in Oakland Cemetery here in Atlanta It is normally appears whiter, but this was taking very close to sunset. The last two pictures were taken using the RF35 mm, I like that as a walking around lens. The cat picture was taken with Tamron 70-200 2.8 G2. I am loving the EOSR compared to my old 6d. I was actually thinking about upgrading to the 5dIV to try and get better focusing, but the R makes more sense. One thing it is so customizable, that after months of use, I am still tweaking it and learning about the camera.
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  4. IMG_1452_Detail kleine bloemmetjes k.jpg
    5D mkII EF25II Helios 44-2
  5. IMG_1454_Zinnia k.jpg
    5D mkII EF25II Helios 44-2
  6. IMG_1455_Dagschoon k.jpg
    5D mkII EF25II Helios 44-2
  7. Interesting triptych, Trigger Happy. I'll have to try that sometime. I have not been shooting with my EOS much, but the frozen patterns on the lake gave me an excuse. I've had other projects I'm doing.
    80D with 70-200 F/4 Canon EOS.jpg
  8. Too cold to go outside. Just find something to take picture with.
  9. Out for a stroll. Canon T5i / Canon 55-210mm STM.

  10. IMG_0849_3.jpg Canon 7D Mark1 ; Canon 24-70mm f2.8
  11. Keep them coming, that's going to be my next camera.
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  12. Is it me or is the passion fruit picture out of focus?
  13. Could be, i remember the camera having problems focusing on the even orange. Only took 1 photo of it..
    Cant try again, it's gone (birds? mice? )
    I was doing macro shots of the sun coming trough the leaves. so i had an odd setting: F22, 1/60th, iso 12800, 5d4 , 100 2.8L macro. center point focus.

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