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  1. I thought you would like this.:)
    That mustard sounds good, so I may try it. I enjoy a pumpernickel bagel and cream cheese (sometimes home made). I pass on the vegetables here. We'll try a new twist this time and put everything under the broiler. I grow a lot of blueberries so I'll thaw some of them and make a compote to go on plain yogurt. Later in the morning I'll put out the rest of the meal....smoked turkey and so on.
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  2. Growing up, it was a Sunday morning tradition, along with the New York Times. My brother and I would walk with my dad down to the local bagel shop where we’d get a dozen for about a dollar and then next door to the “appetizing” store for the lox and cream cheese. Nowadays, I mostly have lox on Jewish holidays, lol. Haven’t been to Sweden but when I was in Copenhagen, I was pleasantly surprised how often lox was offered. For me, it was a nice alternative to herring, which seemed more than abundant but which I’ve never developed a taste for.
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  3. :) Happy Holidays.
    Bella Framed x1600-_DxO-1.jpg
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  4. Mark, that's a really cute dog. What breed is it? Looks like there's some sight-hound in it, what the British would call a lurcher?
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  5. :)
    Not sure, she is a rescue dog and belongs to my son. I am pretty sure she is a mix, but just a great dog. He stopped over and brought both dogs. They are a lot of fun, when they visit.
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  6. Not exactly a Christmas theme in the California Central Valley. _A0A6741.jpg
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  7. Shot this one back in May. Captured this Sony shooter with my 600mm. Been moving a lot of folders in Lightroom as the Hard Drive is full again.
    Sony Camera Guy 600mm x 2400-1.jpg
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