Canon photo #49 December 7 2017

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  1. As usual, up to 3 photo's , Max 1000 pixels longest side.

    Last friday i went to the Amsterdam Light Festival. Did the canal tour.
    For people who want to go, i advise to wait till the land pasrt is also open (dec 14)
    I was in the right side of the boat, so i missed the artworks on the leftside.
    Walking or cycling the route is also a good option.

    So here we go. First off a projetion on the Nemo science museum.
  2. And this i call a wormhole
  3. and another one.
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  4. A shot from the Magic Water Circuit light show at Lima's Parque de la Reserva, Peru.
    Peru Water Show 3.jpg
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  6. Well check out that shirt!
    Canon 5D Mark IV, 24-70mm 2.8
  7. Nice shirt, indeed! Start him early with cameras, TriggerHappy!
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  8. Young farmer, Dutchess County, New York. 24-70mm f2.8 II

    Dutchess County Fair 08 2015 4.jpg
  9. Robin, I just got back from that neck of the woods. My brother has a house up in Great Barrington and we usually stop in Pawling (Dutchess County) for lunch or dinner on the way up. I love that part of the country. Your subject looks like so many of the people I meet on various farms I visit and at the weekend farmer's markets. Nice at ease and genuine portrait!
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  10. 8172336D-7914-4E2F-9F5C-AAADC12C0297.jpeg

    5D mkII EF25II Helios44-2
  11. A732677C-50EB-4F2F-9438-78084A90D0F2.jpeg

    5D mkII EF25II Helios 44-2
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  12. 01DD1512-8046-4AEF-9E2B-65AF12B59AAB.jpeg

    5D mkII EF25II Helios 44-2
  13. I knew he was real.
    Santa Kodachrome 2  x2400-.jpg
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