Canon photo #46 November 16 2017

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  1. Post 3 photos max 1000 pix.


    5D mkII Helios 44-2 EF25II
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  2. 5A02FAC8-9984-42E0-A893-8949E36CBC32.jpeg

    5D mkII Helios 44-2 EF25II
  3. 52EC6E4D-1027-4962-A339-C0BD714B46AB.jpeg

    5D mkII Helios 44-2 EF25II
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  4. A frozen puddle.

    And one more child in Santa's hat.

    Both with 5D Mark IV.
  5. central-park-boats_0484-w.jpg
    Canon 5D MkII EF24-105mm f/4L
  6. technically it's already friday here.. But i just got in from Glow Eindhoven.
    Haven't sorted any yet, so here's just 3 pix at random.
    project movie/animation on a building
  7. or slides on a church
  8. or just play with lights
  9. New York City Colors. 70-200mm

    New York City 08 2010-24.jpg
  10. I have a friend who moved from San Diego to Stockholm. She must have been nuts!

    Seems like all of you are living in much better climate than I. TGIF!
  11. For the most part, I grew up in and around San Diego and lived there till the mid '80's, except for a couple of moves elsewhere in the state. Yes, the weather is nice, but the forecast of "night and early morning low clouds followed by sun...high 72, low 68" gets monotonous. Folks who have shoveled snow for 40 years love it. I loved leaving it.
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  12. Yeah, that constant perfect weather must have been awful. Every day like Ground Hog Day in San Diego, did the ground hog see his shadow? Who cares or What is a ground hog, and all those yuppies with their convertibles and $2,000,000 condos drinking their lattes. No rain, no snow, no humidity...just madness. The weather channel there just runs a loop saying Weather Today: Perfect. You are lucky to have made it out. Are you being paid by citizens of San Diego to dissuade others from going there? lol.

    Maybe getting out was a bit like breaking out of the Trueman Show.
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  13. The Pelican Squadron ;-)
    Point Lomo Pelican Sqaudron x1500-.jpg
  14. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? My weather forecast is quite monotonous as well at the moment. Gale, rain and just above zero (32F) for the next months. I do not enjoy snow, and we might get some, but not every winter. I live on the west coast of Sweden in an old fishing village and our streets are quite narrow and doesn't have room for plowed snow. Fingers crossed. Oh, did I mention that we don't have much daylight in the winter? As a photographer, it's a perk though. Getting up for sunrise means sleeping in.

    Anyway, I'm grateful I don't live in Yakutsk, which is the coldest inhabited place on earth. Amos Chapple has taken some interesting photos there.

    My apologies for the OT post. :)
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  15. LOL. Yet on the flip side, look at how many "golden hours" you have per day once Helios reappears. I'm very sympathetic regarding narrow streets and plowed snow. It makes getting around with a camera difficult.

    Yep, that it was, awfully dreamy in every way. Then, every few years there was the rude awakening of El Nino rains and flooding. I'd have to put up the top on the Jensen Healey to protect my little beginner camera as I drove around, looking for good photo ops while hoping to not float away. I'm glad I left, but look forward to returning to California Dreaming on the stormy, foggy, rainy coast on other end of the state. I have a better car and camera now. :)
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  16. Agreeing with Laura, the Golden Hour would be a perk. I am past my snow loving years when I worked at a ski resort before college and got to ski for free. I don't like shoveling and now that I don't have a car with 4 wheel drive, I don't car for the driving in it. Yes Southern California has a certain appeal to this old snow state resident.
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