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  1. lets start this thread.
    Up to 3 photos max 1000 pix.


    Canon 5D mkII Helios 44-2 EF25II
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  2. 96EABBA6-7C0C-4E3A-B3B2-6C681E58CF2C.jpeg
    5D mkII Helios 44-2 EF25II
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  3. 4E44AF32-425F-40D2-A8E1-09BBEF898FD5.jpeg
    5D mkII Helios 44-2 EF25II
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  5. abandoned cabin on the eastern border of Yosemite
    5D mkII Canon 24-105 f/4L
  6. I recently took a day off and went to the exhibition of Terracotta Warriors at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. I don't know that I'll ever get to China, so this seemed the best, and possibly the only way to see any of this incredible archaeological wonder. It was well worth the trip and I highly recommend it to pnetters in the region. Both images were taken with the 6D and Canon 70-200 f4. The first image is from a large, glass encased, sequence of scenes depicting how the life size figures were made.
    Canon thurs 11-2 a.JPG

    The next is of a kneeling figure, so it was a little easier to see eye to eye.
    Canon thurs 11-2 b.JPG
  7. 37945871336_0c1d2a1e60_z.jpg
    Cat at Javacat catcafe.. Canon 6d
  8. Canon 80D with 100-400 and 1.4x. I'm glad I bought that lens from my brother. 2971-Canon EOS l.jpg
  9. 80D with 24-70 F/2.8 (I think) 2972-Canon EOS ll.jpg
  10. Wanted to go to the zoo today, but decided to stay in bed and give in to the flue..
    so here's some from a few weeks ago.
  11. and some butterfly..
  12. and another butterfly
  13. Off I-70 Colorado, Georgetown or Silver Plume near Idaho Springs where the Rocky Moutain Gold Rush began. Off I-70 near Idaho Springs-2325.jpg
  14. OOPS! Sorry! Crazy gig by the kids. Slaying Mantis 5.jpg

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