Canon FD Photos of the Month: January 2019

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  1. Happy New Year, Canon FD, etc. shooters! Let's see your shots!
  2. Leica M240 with FD 15mm fisheye.

  3. Park Avenue, Arches National Park, Utah from May, 1985. Taken with my AE-1, Park Avenue Arches.jpg 50mm 1.8 and circular polarizer on Plus- X. I still use this camera regularly now that Ken Oikawa refurbished it.
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  4. India-Varanasi.jpg d
    EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM on EOS 50D​
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  5. Sorry, mistakenly thought I was in EOS forum:eek:
  6. Pont de Québec
    Scan of a 8x10 print
    I use the Sabatier effect when I develop the print, that's why the tint seems inverted at some place.
    I also move the developer front up to bottom of the pan very slowly and it create a rainy-style effect. I didn't know what I was doing, but I like the result.
    Canon F1n
    50mm F1.4
    Ilford HP5

    Pont de Québec.jpg
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  7. Canon AE-1 (black), FD 1.8/50mm SC (Chrome nose), Arista EDU 200[​IMG]
  8. Taos, New Mexico. Canon AE-1, Canon 50mm FD f/1.8, Tri-X

  9. Wow! Great shots, people. Keep them coming!
  10. Canon FDn 20-35/3.5 L + Metabones Speed Booster + Fujifilm X-E2

  11. Taken a few years back. Canon FL-F 500mm on a Olympus OM-D. Effective focal length of 1,000mm. The elk are inside a large, enclosed park.

  12. I took this pic several years back. Always made me chuckle. Taken with a Canon, though I've forgotten which one.

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  13. Going through some old slides. Bridge in fog, taken in late 1970's with Canon AE-1 and 50mm/1.4 SSC, Kodachrome 64. Scanned with Epson V800/Silverfast 8, processed in Luminar 3 and PS-CC.

  14. cb1


    Canon AE1P TriX HC110(B)
  15. Canon EF, FD 35mm f3.5, Ektar 100

  16. Brilliant shots!!!! On to Feb.

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