Canon fd lens worth it?

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  1. What do you guys think about canon fd lens for video? I'm shooting on a7sii and have some canon L glass and rokinon glass but I'm thinking of getting a few fd lens. There is this company in that converts fd to ef mount which is nice only needing one adapter. So for video are they worth it?
  2. I neither shoot video nor FD but common sense:
    What are you after?
    If it is an "elderly manual lens" look in general, why not get Soviet thread mounts stuff? Or MD or whatever crosses your way for a song?
    I thought AF reached the realms of video by now? Are you sure it is worth sacrificing?
    Huh?!? - I'd buy a Chinese adapter and leave it on the lens. Seems cheaper
  3. I have an old FD 28/2.0 I converted to EF mount with one of the Ed Mika kits. Never tried shooting video, but the lens works well for stills on my mirrorless Canon RP (with an EF-to-R adaptor. I suppose it would work well for video too. If you can get some FD glass cheap, what you want to do may be worth it.
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    Since you already have the glass, camera, and apparently are content with fully manual focusing, why not get an adapter and give it a try!
  5. Ed Mika is no longer making the FD to EF mount adaptations and the company he is associated with in the US does a very limited number of conversions. Any of the pro cine companies are extremely expensive to change the FD mount. So this may not be as easy as you think.

    Just get the cheap adapter to go from FD to Sony mount and you are done. Cheaper to buy one for each lens if you prefer, than converting them all.

    I only tried shooting a semi pro video once and now I understand why they want their lenses to have de-clicked apertures and those big fancy manual focus dials.

    Canon FD lenses, especially the "L"s and the Asphericals are highly sought after by the pros. Many other good FD lenses as well, and they should be cheaper than Nikon.
  6. If you want to get the best quality out of your lenses you should tune the adapter to the lens then keep it on there. Buying a decent adapter per lens and doing this is cheaper, better and easier in the long run. By adapting the lens mount but - still adding the variable of an adapter - you are not getting the best from your lenses.

    See the link below, although this is for C/Y to Eos it applies generally.

    Setting Up Camera Adapters Tutorial
  7. There is less difference, especially in lens formulae, between FD and EF lenses than one would suppose.

    Of course, for normal use, AF has been added, and there are likely changes in lens coatings and other variables.

    Since I have an accumulation of FD-mount bodies and lenses, as well as an even larger accumulation of film and digital EOS cameras and lenses, I can say that I don't see any practical difference in IQ.

    One thing I do know, is that it is almost always better to use lenses on cameras they are designed for. The notable exception being all-manual lenses like the PC-Nikkor and the old 400mm stop-down teles.

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