Canon 55 MM FD Lens 1:1.2 SSC Aspherical

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by soo_choi, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Message: Greatest lens ever made for film camera!

    I don't care what anybody says about this lens it is finest I ever used on my
    F1N. I took many shots wide open and got brutal detailed images. There's one in
    EBay auction right now and I am very tempted to buy this lens again after
    letting one go 3years ago. I regret selling mine to get Nikon F3 the worst
    mistake I ever made. This lens with F1N potential is endless. I still have 50mm
    1.2L lens but something about 55mm 1.2 Aspherical lens able to achieve corner
    to corner sharpness like no other normal lens. Pity it won't work with new
    Canon 21mp Mark III I wonder how images would look in digital world. Long live
    Greatest Canon FD lens ever made.
  2. Watch out. the one at ebay now is SSC and not SSC "Aspherical". It has a high BIN price of $419. It appears designed to fool those with quick finger.
  3. Thanks for looking out I think this is real one # 120160743388 I hope it won't go too high.
  4. Soo, let me be the first one to congradulate you on your wicked arsenal of a camera!! AWESOME to the POWER of TEN!! I am similar to you, as I have a F3HP/MD4, 24/2.8, 28/2.8, 85/1.4, and just recently aquired a F1N/AE serial number 252XXX, and I will be sending it in for a full CLA. Then I will go shopping for a FD lens. Then the best of both worlds!!

    Have you seen the various 50's at in LAX, as they have a very nice collection of mint FD lenses.

    Do you have any test shots from your 55 FD 1:1.2 SSC Asperical that we could see?

    Awesome set up!! Two thumbs Up! High Five!

  5. Here is one scan. Remember when you scan it does not do justice for this lens.
  6. Here is one more.
  7. Soo,
    Awesome, do you have a account to see more?
  8. Mark,

    I don't have flicker account yet. I have about 3 rolls of negatives that I took with this lens that have not been scanned yet. My next investment is Nikon scanner most likely 5000 ED model to bring out brilliant picture to the digital processing. Remember if you are artistic great photographer plain FTB with 50mm1.4 ssc is more than enough to produce stunning pictures. Here is picture of my long gone rare lens.
  9. Soo,excelent.

    I found in eVil a buy now 55FD 1.2 for 275 $ but I didn`t get it considering the extra 35 for shipping from the States to Spain.

    I post some examples of my old FL (I exchanged it for a Bronica S2 in the 70s) Now I have not the 55 nor the Bronica :-(
  10. Fantastic lens! Now if you would just mount it on a T90, you would have the best of all worlds.
  11. Kerry,

    T90 is great camera well as all other FD cameras. They say camera is only good as lens you put on front of it. I prefer rock solid F1N any day over any manual focus cameras. Here is scan that I took with 55mm 1.2 Aspherical lens unedited strait scan from cheap Epson 2400 scanner.
  12. Here is another scan of the lens edited by photoshop.
  13. Hi Everyone I was luck to pick up a 55mm 1.2 Asph in a used camera store in London three years ago for a very cheap price - I paid 60 Pounds cash and a standard 50mm 1.8 lens, 80-200 non brand zoom lens and an old 300mm photax lens in part ex!!!. I love using this lens and it stays on my T90 all the time ready for action. My wife popped out our first baby 6 weeks ago and I took some B + W pics in the ward using Fuji 1600 asa film and the 55mm asph. As soon as I get around to developing them I will post one up. I have attached a pic I took of the wife last summer with the 55mm. Best regards Dave Thrower
  14. Hi David Thrower.

    Just been looking at your website, some very impressive stuff. Its strange that we have very similar camera usage, including t90s and Mamiya stuff.

    My question to this topic is, what is the difference between this lens and my 50mm f1.2L? Is it something that I hadnt considered before buying my 50? My 50 is a lovely lens, but its heavy and I sometimes find myself reaching for 50 f1.8 in preference!

    Kris @ kris photo dot com
  15. Yes, David I like the fact that you have a T90 in your hands on your website portrait. Good stuff, I like the marketing pdf you place on your main page for convenient download. "Red shift" is something from physics,'s been a while? Tom
  16. This lens sold for $539. Interesting, I was up last night between 11pm and midnight pacific time, and was reading some threads (not all complimentary) in this forum from 2004 where a fellow sold it then for the same price ( ). I had the "place bid" screen up for a while, but became overwhelmed with common sense and decided to stay with the 1.4 lol.
  17. Hey WT Looks like I ended your ancient dug up thread link from 3 years ago.

    Aspherical 55mm 1.2 is easy to find for sale. KEH has one more often than not in Ex for $616. Sometimes two and I've even seen 3 listed at once.

    Need more selection? Kevinscamera in California usually has 5 for sale. And yes, these are all Yellow Paint "ASPHERICAL".

    The Blue paint "AL" is the rarest and canon's first example. These are likely stuck in many non canon shooter camera collections. Its a milestone type lens as its the very first aspherical element lens made for mass production. And its the one that always makes its way back to japan when it's won on ebay.

  18. The 1.2 Asph is an excellent lens but I do not believe that it is superior to the 1.2L. Both are excellent lenses overall.
  19. i am just manufacturing a conversion foot for the 55mm f1.2 to enable it to mount to the canon EOS cameras, it involves removing the old AF mount and replacing with new metalwork. (also the aperture mechanism needs a small plate adding) I have just built the prototype and got one of the lens mounting holes in the wrong place!! so i will construct another after work tomorrow. (although i had a quick go with the lens with 2 fixing screws and got some realy good results) i have also hacked the cannon lens data protocol and will be installing an AF conformation circuit with the correct focal length and aperture data for the lens. after the protoytpe has been proven i will be selling the conversion kit, is anybody interested? ps i have also converted the FD 50mm 1.8 to eos.
  20. Daryl: Interesting. What lenses will you convert?
  21. Daryl: I like the idea :)

    Is it easy to replace the mount? I'm wondering if I could replace the original mount with yours. What would I need for this procedure?

    Does anybody know what's the possible focus distance with an FD-EOS adapter without the correction lens? Is it close to the hyperfocal distance with f/1.8? Is it usable at all with the adapter but without the correction lens?
  22. Daryl:
    This looks like a nice bit of machining. Does this prototype allow infinity focus and use of this lens on a 5D? The large fixed rear lens tends to be a problem. The only conversion I have heard of allowing both infinity focus and full frame use required a new frame for the rear element. I'd be interested to hear about the pros, cons and price of this conversion set.
  23. Daryl:
    I'm sure there are many that would be interested (including me), though it all boils down to what it would cost. At what most people would pay to have a single lens converted it would probably be not worth your time.
    What I could see more more people being interested in, is converting the mount on the camera to accept all fd/fl lens. That would justify the cost (as there is no per lens cost).
    That's just my humble opinion (obviously).
  24. could any of you tell me the difference between a lens that says canon lens FD 55mm 1:1.2 with nothing else, no ssc or anything (like mine)...i can only find ones that say ssc, or are fl not fd, and am not sure the difference, and I want to describe it accurately to list on ebay...

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