Can you help me choose a bag for my gear?

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  1. I have a D200, 80-200 2.8, 18-70DX, Quantum Turbo SC, SB-800, some wires, and I want to buy a 12-24 in the near

    Is there a bag that you know of that would be perfect for this gear? The thing is, I don't want any extra space.
    I just want this stuff to fit in.

    I thought of a Tenba Pro Traveler II 655 but I wanted to know if there was anything from Tamrac that would fit?
  2. I have used both a Lowepro Stealth and Off Road for several years. They are different sizes and serve different functions for me, but both are extremely durable and effective. JR
  3. over the past three years I have really come to like the bags, and rolling cases from . Before I was using a mix of Lowepro, Domke, Tamrac and others. My curerent regular camera bags for assignment work is one of Thinktank Photos Urban Disguise shoulder bag /briefcases and my walk around bag is their Rotation360 backpack -- both of which fit your needs to a T.
  4. I second the motion on the Think Tank gear. You kind of have to lay hands on it to really see why.
  5. I love my Think Tank Urban disguise bag. However it is flawed..the zip runs right across the top of the bag and is no way waterproof or even I discovered in a short but sharp shower...
  6. I have a LowePro Slingshot 300 AW, for my D200 with grip, 70-300 VR zoom, 85mm, 18-70 zoom, 10-20mmSigma Zoom, SB600 flash and many accessories. Its a great bag, very useful and convenient.
  7. "However it is flawed..the zip runs right across the top of the bag and is no way waterproof or even I discovered in a short but sharp shower..."

    My UD came with a rain cover.
  8. "My UD came with a rain cover" did mine, but here in the UK, showers can be over before you even have chance to get it out and fit it...and that is exactly what happened...
  9. Sort of ironically, I ended up buying a large Canon SLR bag to carry my Nikon d-300 & a 'normal' lens, an SB-800
    flash, a 200mm zoom, and a 300mm zoom. And all the little accessories like CF picture cards, an ExpoDisk, Card
    readers, cables, filters, and etc. I think I got the Canon bag from Best Buy, and got it mainly cause it looked very
    durable and very well made, and it cost about $60. So far, I have not regretted this decision.
  10. I guess it depends what style you like. I have a crumpler 7mil home, and it fits my Canon 40D w/ 24-70L attached with lens hood reversed, 70-200, 17-40, lens hoods for both of those, 50mm w/ lens hood, one flash, all my CF cards and batteries, some lens cleaning stuff, a good handful of spare AA's, a few filters, charge, DL cable etc all in a very comfortable shoulder bag. Not everyone's cup of tea, but it does shed water pretty well (better with a spray coating), and is roomy and comfortable to carry around
  11. Ive used Tamrac bags for many years which are fine, but if you want a bag that will last a lifetime and becomes better the older it gets , grab yourself a Billingham. The bags go up in size with many models , they are excellent!
  12. I also have the LowePro Slingshot 300, it is a great bag.
  13. I have a bunch of different bags in the closet. I usually use one I paid $30.00 for and has a broken snap. My camera lays in it just right with lens attached.

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