Can I use an older F mount non ai lens with a Nikon Dslr?

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  1. I'm actually a little surprised (after the Df) that Nikon didn't do this, at some ridiculous premium, for their centenary. Unless they are and it's running late. I guess they're probably correctly worried about their profitability and restructuring and not sympathetic to another vanity project. I'd like to think there are enough semi-affluent Nikon shooters with fond memories of the Nikon SLRs that they might sell a few. But don't look at me - my F5 was my second Nikon body, after the D700. (I also bought my 300D before my Eos film bodies.)

    I'd love to see Nikon license the mount to someone willing to do a low-run film body. It would have to have a technological advantage over the wide range of used models on the market, though, so I doubt it's a hobby project. I wouldn't expect Cosina to dive in again, sadly.
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    Ben, if you pre-pay for 100,000 units of this improved F6 with AF-P and E support, I would imagine that Nikon will be more than happy to produce them for you.

    Otherwise, if you are merely going to purchase one, even at two to three thousand dollars, it is likely going to be a huge money loser for Nikon to go thru all that effort.
  3. I know it's a pipe dream, but one can still dream.
  4. At least the dream is free ;-)

    While there are plenty film shooters who (still) love their Nikons, I wonder whether there are enough of them who want to use brand-new E-lenses for it. For all I see, the most interest goes to the older manual bodies (F/F2/F3 and FM/FE series), with already a smaller segment opting for bodies as the F100. So a niche within a niche .... I think Nikon has some more important tasks at their hands.
  5. Fair enough. I was just thinking last night about the fact that I have nearly every manual focus Nikon body made. The "key" one for me still left out there is the FM3a, although for the sake of completeness(I am a collector and make no apologies) I need several Nikkormats, an EM, FM10, and FG20.

    With that said, my F100 fits in my bag along side my D800 a LOT more nicely than a recent pro film body and gives me full compatibility with every AF lens I have. The 14-24 2.8 is my new favorite lens(although by no means is it a general purpose lens) and I really need an F5, F6 or F100(or I guess N80) to use it to its fullest. The F100 is the logical choice of those cameras, esp. given its operational similarity to the D800.

    I LOVE my F4, and of course I can(and have) use that lens on that camera although not fully(no A or M).

    At the same time, it's oddly relieving to toss an FM or FE series over my shoulder with a 50mm(or maybe 24mm) and just go out and see what happens. The combo is light enough that I don't notice it and is perfectly capable.
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    Right, the Df was designed in an era (merely a few years ago) when DSLRs were flying off the shelf, and Nikon was making plenty of money. Now that DSLRs have reach a plateau, as you can see while Nikon is pulling out all the stops to create the D850, it isn't like the D850 is so much superior to the D800 from 5 years ago.

    Meanwhile, Nikon currently has no meaningful mirrorless offerings. Mirrorless is not a panacea, of course, but the Nikon 1 series is a flop and Nikon hasn't added any new products to it in 2.5 years, and there is no FX or DX Nikon mirrorless cameras yet.
  7. The Nikonian list that Wouter linked to is still the best that I know of.

    The change to AI was the main reason that I switched to Canon, when I went digital.
    Almost all my non-AI lenses (a bunch), work fine manually on Canon EOS mount with an adapter, but will not safely mount on the AI Nikon bodies that I do have.

    Reflex-Nikkor with 2X extender on Canon APS-C camera (500x2x1.6=1,600mm equivalent) :confused:
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