Can i get a roll of Kodachrome this week?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by rdm, Dec 26, 2010.

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    Hey I am a classic camera and film buff , so much so that I'm Minoring in photography. I have only used color film in the classes that most students Opted to use their Digital SLR in. Well actually I been told I'm the only one of two students that used the color enlarging rooms and developed with color paper this whole year.
    Anyway, I have only shot about 5 or 6 rolls of slide film ever in my life , and that was because a class assignment required it, & bit was E-6 process so it could be developed in a day or two and shown for critique. I have always thought about shooting s roll of Kodachrome, just to say i have used this historic film. When i heard it was going to be gone this i placed an order for it this summer at B&H and was told it was back ordered and would be notified when more came in, none ever did i guess. Well then I started school i kinda forgotten all about it but now while I'm sitting here at home, killing time during this blizzard I started to think about it again.
    If I live in NY, and want to buy a roll of Kodachrome quick so I can shoot it and have it shipped off and developed before the deadline, what would you suggest? Or am i just SOL for waiting too long?
    P.S. i also happen to find 4 processing mailers for Kodachrome. They were in a carton of old some old cameras I purchased at an auction. I was thinking i might save them for nostalgia because On it it says "Good for 8 exposures on 828 film or can be used towards processing of 135 & 120 Kodachrome film"
  2. The back-order at B&H was never going to be filled, since the Kodachrome arbitragers immediately hoarded all the Kodachrome that was out there when the discontinuance was announced. The pipeline emptied almost instantly.
    You need to find someone in your local area who has a roll of Kodachrome 25, 64, or 200 that they will sell or give you, since you don't realistically have time to get it shipped to you, shoot it, and get it shipped to Dwayne's in time. Moreover, the current awful weather along the eastern seaboard further does you in.
    I have rather expired rolls of Kodachrome 64 in probably decent condition (but untested), but I'm in the Boston area.
  3. I think you may be too late for Kodachrome. Dwayne's needs all Kodachrome in by noon on the 30th. That means you'd have to get your hands on a roll now, shoot it the same day, and then overnight it the next day to even have a chance at making the deadline.
    I tried to get my hands on Kodachrome in super8/16mm for filmmaking, but couldn't.
    The alternative now is Ektachrome, which isn't bad at all.
  4. It is possible, but not likely. There are several rolls of Kodachrome listed on eBay, but none in NYC. If you contacted the seller and had them ship film to you overnight, you could get it on Tuesday. If you FedEx it on Wednesday, it might get to Dwaynes by noon on Thursday, which is the deadline.
    If two shipping events happen as planned after the east coast digs out, then you could get your Kodachrome slides. As I said before, it is possible, but not likely.
  5. As they say, everything would have to go exactly, precisely right for you to beat the deadline.
    Some of the E6 film is a lot better than it was when Kodachrome was king, but it's possible that the best substitute for Kodachrome now is the Ektar negative (C41 process) film in terms of sheer image quality for snappy color.
  6. Its likely that the kodachome mailers will work for ektachome as well
    email dwaynes ( in a few weeks when the furor has died sown)
    and enjoy the e100 slides.
  7. rdm


    I'm in Monroe New York, which is in orange county , only an hour upstate from NYC, but alias there hardly anyplace that sells film around here that i could check. The only three places that sell photo supplies in the county I already checked back in the summertime, and they couldn't get it either.. I hope those hoarders get stuck with hundreds of boxes of film they cant sell and regret ever hoarding it.
    The only reason i wanted to do this was to sorta be a part of history, so to speak, and can be able to say "yea i used that film once"
    Yes i did see on Dwayne's site about Kodachrome "Film that is not in our lab by noon on December 30th will not be processed"
    I was thinking Of finding someone willing to Overnight it to me tomorrow (27th), and then i could shoot the roll , and overnight it to Dwayn's Late the 28th or 1st thing in the morning on the 29th, that way it would be there by the noon deadline on the 30th.
    I'm surprised that they haven't extended the deadline by a week or at-least a few days.
    Hey John Shriver, if your wiling to overnight me a roll tomorrow, i could send you the cost of shipping via paypal, and then I might make it. :)
  8. Kodak mailers are no longer Valid.
  9. Greetings Dan, Ron has given you about the best strategy available to you outside of what I am willing to offer you. Perhaps you can be the last person in the world to photograph Times Square at night with Kodachrome? I'll give you my entire supply of film and can have it ready to go by tommorrow morning if you are willing to pay half the rush shipping charges. I'll even send you 3 boxes of Kodachrome 40 Super 8 movie film along with a working Super 8 camera if you want. All I might hope for is that you do some double takes of what you shoot and send me a few select samples of what may become the LAST rolls of Kodachrome shot in NYC. If your interested, send me an email tonight or in the morning. I live in Texas and next to a UPS center and a few FedEx vendors.
  10. Ron, I wanted to give you a Kodachrome 35mm still slide from my 1937 set which seems to have virtually 95% (if not all) of it's original color intact. I remember you saying you had only seen scans of pre 1938 slides but never had one to look at directly. I've left it in it's original taped glass mounting as it was in 1937. It's a landscape, but I think you would be pleased with it.
  11. rdm


    That sounds Good Charles, I know it would cost around 17 dollars for USPS to overnight 2 rolls of 35mm (type135) because i have done it before when I needed film for a class, But i don't know how much you have and how big a box i would need.
    I know i have a nice looking double eight movie camera that i have on the shelf, but I think I might have a super 8 camera somewhere I'm going to ask my parents, i will have to look tonight.
    I will email you now also.
  12. Dan, I just emptied out my bag and to add to the three rolls of movie film, I have four 36exp (ISO25) and three 36exp (ISO 64). The film has all been freezer stored and my recent samples came back great. If you could obtain a Super 8 movie camera on your own somehow, that would make a world of difference on the shipping.
  13. I've enjoyed reading all the Kodachrome threads in recent days. I wonder if Dwayne's would have been able to wait until the first week of January? That way, we could have NYE shot with Kodachrome for one, last time. That would have allowed Daniel Bayer to cap off his Project nicely.
  14. Fortunately with Kodachrome...having some unspent stock left over doesn't have to be a total loss. One can still use it as a black & white film.
  15. Charles,
    Thank you for your generous offer. I would like to see a Kodachrome slide from the dye bleach era. I will gladly reimburse shipping and handling expenses.
    As for processing Kodachrome as a B&W film, it is possible, but there are difficulties. The rem jet backing is difficult to remove cleanly. The yellow filter layer in Kodachrome is designed to turn black in a B&W developer to protect the green sensitive layer during the blue print step. This will make the negatives rather dark. They will also be high in contrast.
    One can always use a roll of Kodachrome as an art object.
  16. One can always use a roll of Kodachrome as an art object.​
    Dwayne's was very nice about sending me my film cassettes back when they processed my long out-dated film,
  17. Contact me by direct message soon if anyone needs a roll or two.
  18. I just happened to watch a news piece on TV yesterday about the end of Kodachrome processing and the Dwayne's deadline. I was pretty sure I had an old roll of 64 film, which I located and shot today, then dropped off for 2 day shipping to Dwayne's. Fingers crossed it will get there in time. This really sucks! I have some double 8 (Cinechrome) film I was planning to shoot with my B&H "Zapruder" camera, but can't now. Is there another option for double 8 film anymore?
  19. RE: Double-8

    You can still get E-6 process double 8mm film from John Schwind of International Film Brokers:
  20. So 25 years from now how do we know that the picture being auctioned off is indeed the last picture of Times Square shot on Kodachrome?
  21. Good question Brian, and without catching a current event flashing on a newsboard in a photo, it would be even harder to prove. Sadly however, I've failed Dan misserably in this quest. After I reviewed their storm situation more thouroughtly and not being able to secure any projected delivery to New York prior to Wednesday afternoon, I felt it practically ipossible for Dan to beat deadline. To make the matter even worse, I emailed him early that next morning expressing my concerns and felt it would be a failed effort best not to attempt. Tragically, this email ended up being directed in his spam box and he remained thinking I was sending the film untill I got a text message from him. I feel drastically awful, because I should have kept a lid on my rampant visionings and only built up Dan for what turned out to be my cold feet. As it now seems the package likely would have arrived earlier than projected. I ended up shooting all of my movie film in the night time at resaurants and coffee bars. I only managed shooting of four rolls of film. All of it was sent out yesturday to Dwayne's via UPS overnight express. I feel no victory however.
  22. Brian, I would not say this was the first color slide taken in Times Square, but definately an early one. This sample was taken in May of 1937.
  23. Charles,
    The Times Square photo is interesting. It tells us something about Times Square and something about how this slide was kept. There was a circular object (film can? quarter?) on top of this slide for a long time while the corners of the image were exposed to light. If you try to balance the color, this is more apparent.
  24. Ron,

    You really do a wonderful job with bringing the colors closer to what they likely appeared in the 30's! The ring you see is actually a reflection of a camera lens belonging to the original seller of this collection. I had asked him for some sample photos of the sets when he was selling them, and this is one of them. He also used these photos when he listed his collection online as well. I think he had held the slides over a lamp shade and hand shot them with a point and shoot camera. The best thing about many of the photos that were sold in this collection is that the photographer had done a lot of night shots. His name was Wainwright, and he was from Montreal.

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