can anyone help me solve this Lens Mount mystery

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  1. Hi All.
    I am unable to identify the mounts of these old lenses.
    Cooke 18mm panchro speed Ser11
    X2 Angenieux lenses
    Just generally is anyone aware of a guide to old lens mounts particularly lenses for movie cameras.
  2. That goes in pretty deep. I'm not sure
    it could go on an SLR, or anything
    with a leaf shutter. Maybe one of
    those cameras where you swap out the
    outer elements of a lens instead of
    the entire thing?
  4. For a Newman-Snclair 35mm motion picture camera is my guess.
  5. The list will give you dimensions to check - Arriflex and Mitchell are of course popular pro movie cameras.
  6. Here's one site that might help for starters:
    Long ago I had a Zeiss Movikon 16, which had a three prong bayonet.
  7. Yes. Its a movie camera lens.

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