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  1. Is Steve Gandy's CQ site still around? I tried to locate it today via old links and a Google search but to no avail? His absence from the RF scene would be bad. His site is a great resource, and he is a very fair, honest businessman. Anyone?
  2. He's still there.
  3. As the others have said, Steve Gandy is still doing business at the same place.
    But how did you manage to ask Mr. Google and not get the right answer? When I hand him "CameraQuest" as a clue, the very first response has the link that the others have provided. Maybe something wrong with your setup, router, etc.?
  4. He is still at and continues to be one of the two U.S. official Cosina Voigtlander distributors. He also sells at EBay under the handle of stephengandicameraquest.
  5. I noticed the other day that his website has changed a little bit, so maybe one of the pages indexed on Google was moved.
  6. "I noticed the other day that his website has changed a little bit, so maybe one of the pages indexed on Google was moved."
    Maybe, I guess. But the very first Google response I get is the home page (link in John Tonai's post), and it works --- here, at least.
  7. FYI , Steve is the main force helping the give the most comprehensive rangefinder forums for each type and brand of rangefinder cameras in existance. Anything from fixed lens rf to collectibles and medium format and MF folder rf are each given their own forums.
    Not only that but Bessa, Zeiss, Contax, Nikon and of course Leica (has several forums) each has their dedicated forums. A nice place to hang out when not on PNET.
  8. Yes, that is why I don't read it anymore...who wants to sift through 50 different subcategories, many of which only get updated every few days (or weeks)? I liked it better when Jorge was in charge...
    Anyway....CameraQuest is still a great resource for people, it is important to remember however that he also sells voigtlander stuff and adapters, so it is sometimes worth it to take it with a grain of salt.
  9. There is no need to sift through categories - just go to the main page of the forum and you see all the new posts right in front of you.
  10. Why would stephen's sales of voigtlander "stuff and adapters" have anything to do with your trust of the information he provides? He is a distributor for Cosina in the USA and Canada, of course he would sell adapters. Apart from the fact that along with providing us with a source for voigtlander, zeiss and leica products, stephen also provides us with a wealth of information.
  11. Stephen is one of the best people out there in the camera world. He is very trustworthy and knowledgeable. One of the best resources that we have on the web.
  12. "it is important to remember however that he also sells voigtlander stuff and adapters, so it is sometimes worth it to take it with a grain of salt.".........
    I think that you have some sort of agenda against Stephen Gandi or Camera Quest, in my honest opinion.
    He provides a LOT of great information,and not necessary about Voigtlander cameras,adapters and "stuff".
    You better come clean and speak out honestly what is your point.
  13. Hey c'mon, don't take it too literally!
    Stuart is one of our most experienced and generous forum members,
    and he's always in for a quick, swift and smart advice...
  14. ". . . it is important to remember however that he also sells voigtlander stuff and adapters, so it is sometimes worth it to take it with a grain of salt"
    I'd say that remark of Stuart's is not at all out of line. Gandy's site is a terrific resource. I read it frequently, and I even buy things from CameraQuest (and have no complaints about my purchases).
    It remains true that a certain amount of what appears there is sales pitch, and no more. So what? Accept that for what it is, digest the real information that Gandy provides and be grateful.
  15. I find the web site to not overtly blow his trumpet, in fact some of his other sponsors are his competition.
    Its because Steven is so knowledgeable that I think he knows that Mr. K is selling a very good product for a price one can afford only to buy a 30 year old Leica for.
    For me the Voightlander is for someone who just wants to have a new kit that doesn't want to worry about his gear getting stolen when they see the Red Leica bullseye. You can get your gear beat up and get your picture without suffering that you have diminished its worth, The CV is just a camera not a treasure.
    Steven lets anyone have their say just read and you will see good and bad said about the stuff he imports but the good on the gear far outweighs the bad. Look if it were Leica gear it would cost 5-10 times as much. Zeiss gets lots of play and I don't believe Steven is any longer an Official importer of Zeiss. But Zeiss is given its due, no attempt to bad mouth the brand or sway people to Bessa.
    Of course their is a link to Cameraquest but not much more.
  16. Cosina Voigtlander make lenses for Zeiss. look here:
  17. I have no agenda at all. I don't sell any products or promote any products for any reason other than my own personal preference. I have no personal agenda against CameraQuest at all. I just meant to say two things -- 1. I did not like the direction RangeFinder Forum took when Stephen Gandy took over -- the proliferation of categories made it unwieldy and less interesting to browse for me, among other changes. 2. When you are getting your information about something from someone who is also selling those items, you need to be aware that they have an inbuilt bias towards those items. What you are reading is marketing material -- it may be honest and useful, but it is going to display things in a favorable light. I only meant to point this out, since sometimes the lines are quite blurred on the internet.
  18. Must have been a glitch in my 'puter,or a bad link. Steve G. is truly a straight shooter and other camera vendors would do well to be half as honest.
  19. Steve is also know as Head Bartender. Next to being a distributor & dealer, he is a collector who knows his gear.
  20. Great dealer (knowledgeable), great site, if you are mainly interested in RF equipment, past and present. Never had the slightest problem in purchases from him.
  21. Their site was down for a while the last few days while they were updating some sort of computer thing I think, but I think it's up now. Still not sure why google missed his links, but even Mr. Google has bad days. Comments on Gandy tend to follow the Ken Rockwell pattern (in a smaller way), so I'll simply say it's an interesting site w/ interesting members and leave it at that.
  22. I just recieved my Leica IIIf back from a CLA, yesterday, and CameraQuest did it.
  23. Stuart, I'm glad you clarified that. And yes, of course he is bias, he wants to make a living selling the cameras he has although from what I know and have read, Stephen is a pretty straight shooter. In fact he has tons of info on products that he does not sell:
  24. Stuart,if that is the case,I'm sorry,I apologize.
  25. I think Stuart is right... but then again ALL fan based websites are going to be biases regardless of whether or not they are selling anything... but I think that most of the fan-based websites are still more knowledgeable and honest than the average camera store sales-person... now THOSE people you have to watch out for! I've heard of so many nasty camera rumors and flat out lies started by people just trying to make a commission that it hurts my brain... including a handful told to me personally. Thank goodness for websites like Steven's as well as half a dozen other great fan-based information sites that make buying and operating classic cameras even possible in these times of
  26. oops... times of anti-film rhetoric.
  27. Steven is a good site host. Its his members that help answer questions. Another thing I like is that they have forums of well known photographers and authors its nice to post a question to these mentors who's expertise is being given gratis. I like the friendly atmosphere.
    On the need to look at many forums to keep up with what is posted, thats not correct any more than it is that way here on Pnet. Just like here you can look at a unified view that shows all current posts on all forums. Check it out. What Steven did was add more specific forums so those with narrow interests could find like minded special interest group participants.
    I used to belong to a computer club that had dozen so called SIG's meeting all over the city during the month. This is a great idea, I never would have learned of cameras not often mentioned if the listed forums were not so extensive.
  28. Steve is still there & charming -- from time to time.
  29. Maybe worth emphasizing that there are two separate websites intermingled in the discussion above... There's Stephen Gandy's CameraQuest website which is his Voigtlander marketing site also with extensive reference material on Nikons both RF and SLR and a variety of other cameras, mostly RF. You also go here to sign up for his CVUG email list.
    Then there's Rangefinder Forum and its quiet companion DSLReXchange that he obtained from their originator Jorge. Stephen does not use these sites to market his products. He doesn't enter into the forum discussions except to handle problems or announce a brief outage... in the recent case to move the site to a new faster server with more storage. He eliminated Jorge's annual subscription fees, so I'm not sure just what profit or benefit he gets to offset the expenses... not much advertising there. Certainly RFF is an active, interesting, and friendly community.
  30. I emailed Stephen a very straight forward question one time a few years ago when I was updating my Leica stuff, and got a bizarre response asking me if I was a dealer. His website is a great resource, and obviously slanted toward Voigtlander- I think he doesn't hide that- but given my encounter with him I've stuck to popflash or NYC when I need something.
  31. I ordered a lens from him that had some unusual characteristics. He sent an e-mail to check that I knew for sure what I was getting and how to attach it. He was very civil and interested that I didn't get into trouble with it.
    I have bought a goodly bit of equipment from him with nary a hitch.
  32. PopFlash has a different product mix from CameraQuest, and they're not competitors. Indeed, Tony and Stephen are friends who live in the same neighborhood. I've found them both excellent to deal with.

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