Camera shops in Houston area

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  1. I will appreciate your help for some recommendations about camera shops in Houston area.
    A friend of mine is planning to visit the city and we need that information.
    By the way, how much percent is the tax?
  2. I do not live in Houston, but used to travel there frequently. My favorite camera stores were Houston Camera Exchange ( Outside the loop on Richmond Ave ) and Camera Co-Op ( I have forgotten the address but know it was located inside the loop ). Assume these are still in business, but hopefully a local resident will respond.
  3. I live in Houston. Houston Camera Exchange, on Richmond, and Camera Co-Op, on Durham a mile south of I-10, are the two major area camera stores. They have film in formats to 4X5, supplies and equipment.
  4. Sales tax is 8.25%.
  5. Thanks everybody for your help.

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