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  1. I am having trouble finding a tutorial for the BW technique where all colors and contrast are removed (white eyebrows, hair, etc.).

    Does anyone have any links or ideas? Google hasn't helped me at all.


  2. I'd start by googling "high key photo processing."
  3. paul ron

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    its not a problem in Photoshop to increase contrast to the point all mids n details drop out.

    With film, it gets a bit more complicated. white backdrop n plenty of light. you need just the right amount of under exposure to eliminate details as contrast goes up. it can also be done in development as well... but it takes some experimenting to get it right.

    it can also be done, perhaps much easier, in printing. increase the paper grade (B&W) and under expose.

    there are many ways to skin a cat they say.

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  4. I am trying to eliminate the contrast. High key is the easy part, it's editing that is the part I can't get to.

    Here's an old high key shot of mine, but still waaay off from the examples.

    Any ideas where to find a tutorial? There has to be one! :)


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