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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jon_kobeck|1, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. Thinking about buying a used 5D on ebay. II see they go for abput 1100.
    My main reasons for not getting the 5DII is because I don't print big enough to warrant the extra megapixels, and I don't need visdeo.

    Of course, the 5D has been around for a very long time, and I hate buying old technology.

    Thoughts and opinions?
  2. Before I bought my 5D Mark II, I considered saving money by picking up a used 5D. In the end I decided that the automatic sensor cleaning feature of the Mark II, together with the increased resolution, better LCD, AF micro-adjustment, improved high ISO, and longer battery life were worth the extra money to me. I have actually never found it necessary to use the AF micro-adjustment, but the extra resolution is useful even if you don't make huge prints because it gives you more room to crop -- you can throw out half the image and still have 10 MP. The fact that ISO 3200 is quite usable comes in handy frequently.
    The 5D is a great camera; if a 5D Mark II is simply too much for your budget, then I imagine a 5D would keep you happy for quite a while.
  3. Jon, there are other reasons for getting the Mark II over the original 5D: better high ISO performance, much better LCD, AF micro-adjustment for lenses, automatic sensor cleaning, and the list goes on.
    And, as you yourself say, the 5D is getting a little long in the tooth...
  4. Sounds like an easy answer if you say you don't need the extra megapixels or video.
  5. The 5D is absolutely worth considering as are the 1Ds and 1DsII. I chose a used full frame camera four years ago since I wanted to buy a high end crop body for sports at the same time. Although the full frame cameras have gotten faster I still think I would likely go with the two camera route today.
  6. I shot a 5D for a couple years - still have it an use it from time to time - and have had a 5d2 for couple years now. My
    feeling is that your thoughts about the 5d are basically realistic in terms of the image quality issue: the 5d is capable of
    producing excellent quality. Shooting carefully with this camera will allow you to make very high quality prints at 16 x 24
    and larger. The MP difference can be seen at the larger sizes if you shoot/process carefully and print quite large, but the
    difference is quite subtle and will rarely if ever be noticeable in typical prints unless you are pushing the limits of image size.

    While I appreciate the higher density sensor for my work, other 5d2 features are perhaps more important to me. For my
    landscape and similar work, live view is indispensable. The functional dust removal system is effective and saves me quite
    a bit of sensor cleaning grief. The high ISO performance is a bit better. Although, like you, I do not use video, it is there for
    those who do. Many appreciate the larger LCD, etc.

    In the end I look at it this way: if cost is an issue, the 5d is an excellent camera capable of producing top quality results
    that will most often be in distinguishable from those from the 5d2. On the other hand, if cost isn't a limiting issue, the 5d2
    feature set provides real value and is worth the additional cost.

  7. I hate when people think they sholdn't buy a camera b/c 4 or 5 years is old technology. So am I to assume that all the photos taken with a 5D 5 years ago are bad photos now? Just b/c it may not be the latest greatest technology doesn't mean its incapable of taking amazing photos. I have photos from my 20D that I think are great, should I throw them out now since they were taken using old technology. What I'm saying is, if you want a 5D get it. 12MP is plenty (look at Nikon, most everything is 12MP, even the D700 that everyone raves about) and its a full frame sensor. I don't think you'll be disappointed with a 5D, even if it is a few years old.
  8. I have three 5D's and (like you) don't need the improvements and extras of a 5D II. In the hands of an experienced artist, the 5D (mated with the best Canon lenses) is a capable tool satisfying the general viewer.
  9. Having both the 5D & 5d2 - I tend to agree with Peter!
  10. I just picked up a used 5D myself. I'm not sure that I would go the ebay route, unless it seems to be a very clean camera.
    You also have to remember... yes that 5D was *new* 5 years ago, but was still in production into 2008. The camera I picked up was one of the last produced, so it is only about 2 years old.
    I think that I will probably never move up to a 5D II, I don't see the need, I've printed excellent large prints with the 5D already, and I've only had it 6months.
  11. When a seller claims 10,000 actuations, how do you know if its true?
  12. When a seller claims 10,000 actuations, how do you know if its true?​
    You don't.
  13. I bought my used 5D like two months ago, and I am so satisfied with an L lens it works magic ;) go for it ;)
  14. I bought my used 5D like two months ago, and I am so satisfied with an L lens it works magic ;) go for it ;)
  15. I've been using the 5D for about 3 years or so now and I have to say that I'm perfectly satisfied with the results that can be achieved, even at 16 x 20. Lens quality and technique are, of course, paramount. The old technology point is really not so important to me as I'm still using A-1's with Provia (and Kodachrome) for lots and lots of my personal work.
  16. If money is an issue, 5D is a great camera. I myself bought one about 6 months ago as I couldn't see myself spending for 5D II. I may upgrade to some future 5D Mark ?, but until then a used 5D was a good value for me. I'm sure I would have bought a 5D II though if money was not an issue - as others said it has many feature improvements: LCD, dust removal, video, live view, etc.
    I would be hesitant though to buy one on eBay. I would recommend you look at the Buy and Sell forum at or That's where I bought mine and you can see some history of the buyer, such as his message posts about his 5D, how long he had it, feedback from other photo sales, etc. It at least provides some information to gather feedback on the owner and the item being sold before buying the camera.
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    For work I had been using 3 x 5Ds, but now have 2 x 5DMK2 and kept one 5D as back-up/beater.
    Files from the MK2 completely blow away 5D files. The MK2 is a huge upgrade over the classic.
  18. I had the 5D for several years. It is an awesome camera and will be in 50 years, any that are left LOL. It makes beautiful images and is well crafted and very solid in my experience.
    If I buy another SLR, it will be a used 5D, for sure.

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