Bob Atkins

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  1. What happened with He has not been active for at least 2 years. Is he alive and well?
  2. His profile here shows a last login-in date of September 2018.
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  4. It doesn't look like he is actively maintaining his site. The top two entries under "most recent articles and updates" are from 2015. "most recent blog post" and "most recent forum post" have no entries.
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  5. He was level headed guy, knew a lot about photography and was one of the main reasons PN was a great place to be.
  6. He is on facebook, but his last entry there was Sept 25, 2017. He posted in FB "Left job at" 2016
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  7. I wonder if he is alive?
  8. I checked obituaries and couldn't find any in his area or that looked like him etc.
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