Blue Fire Police Film

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  1. Tried it several years ago, didn't liked it. Murky and annoyingly excessive curly negs, probably something I've messed up. Haven't tried it since.

    I've a couple of rolls sitting in my fridge, I guess I'll give it another go, this film continues to get good reviews. What dev do you envisage for this film anyway?
  2. I'm just always on the lookout for a good fine grain, high resolution film for my Minox's. I have a small stash of Agfa 25 that my Dad kept in the freezer, mostly dated from the mid-80's. Otherwise, I've been using Delta 100 and 400. They're OK, but looking for something that performs like the Agfa 25.
    As far as processing, the only data I can find is for the Blue Fire developer. Otherwise, I would have to experiment.
  3. I have had very good results in the past using Rollei ATP 1.1 (25 asa) and Adox CM20 . Very fine grain, excellent tones and gradations. I used to process Rollei in its own Rollei dev and the Adox CMS 20 in Atomal ( I have tried initially Adotech with poor results). The only thing which may be a deterrent to use Rollei ATP is that the regular tap water develops some iron oxide on negatives. Ilford Pan F50 also gets good results.

    Sample Rollei ATP 1.1.jpg

    Rollei ATP 1.1

    Sample Adox CMS 20.jpg

    Adox CMS 20

    Sample Ilford Pan F50.jpg

    Ilford Pan F50
  4. Saw two of those on Minox 8X11 Camera Users. They are really good. I think the CMS 20 one looks the best, but then, it's only 20 ISO. Certainly fine for out in the sun, but a little slow overall for my tastes. Thanks!

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