Best Imaging Software Award by TIPA 2019

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by JPDupre, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Luminar 3 by Skylum has been awarded the 2019 award for Best Imaging Software.

    I never heard about it before this announcement.

    Does someone here know this product?

    See link: Skylum Luminar 3
  2. Link for the product is here.
  3. I neither know it hands on (nor my way through the Adobe stuff well enough to compare it and spot shortcomings) but I saw a few YouTube tutorials / reviews about it (search watch some yourself!) and guess it might indeed be an option, at least if your OS choices permit.
  4. It amuses me how these trivial trade 'awards' get handed out barely a quarter way into the year that they're 'product of the year'.... of.

    There must be a less convoluted way of saying that.
  5. Because you misunderstood that the year awards are given doesn't mean the products were released that year!
    Examine what they actually state:
    Since 1991, Technical Imaging Press Association (TIPA) members have voted annually on the best photo products that have been released during the previous 12 months. TIPA is comprised of member photo magazines from all over the world, and Photo Life and Photo Solution are proud members of TIPA. In March, we attended the General Assembly in Bangkok
  6. Yeah, whatever.
  7. Sorry the facts again have ruined your day. :(

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