"Best all around camera on the planet" Buyer likes new micro 4/3 a whole lot and tells why.

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by gerrysiegel, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Link to Amazon buyer/ user review. I found this one about as interesting in its way as a 14 page treatment w/ screen shots of all modes, side by side comparisons with Sony and other video ready hybrids. An omen, if we did not have it on board, that mirrorless cameras are getting more and more alluring...( "With all you faults,"-- and there are some like lens selection and bulletproofness--.... "I love you still...")
    Recommended item for the forumgoers.
  2. Gerry
    Thanks for posting that link. It is quite an awesome review.
    I have been struggling with the decision to buy the G10. I am in the market for a new P&S but wanted a bigger sensor than the typical 1/2.33. for the last 3 weeks the price has been jumping up at amazon 20-50 bucks.
    I think he actually steered me away from it with some of his statements about the plastic y feeling buttons and the "worst lens ever" comment about the 14-42 MM that comes with the camera.
    I also have very keen senses and something is not letting me pull the trigger on this one. Not sure what it is exactly.
    I got a chance to check out the Sony NEX and Olympus EP-1 this weekend. I was not really impressed either.
    I felt like we were given a rare opportunity at getting in on the ground floor with this line ( Panasonic G series) but I may wait till I see more reviews of actual users.
  3. This from a m4/3 "newbie" (but in photography since 1980)I'm on day 2 of the GF-1 with 20mm pancake lens, let's just say I am not easily impressed, but I am with this one. Reminds me of my Canon rangefinder, and another thing that drew me to it was the fact that I got an adapter for my suite of FD lenses, so far I've only put on the 50 1.4 and it's impressive.
    I intend to get the gh2 mainly for video, but i will give it 6-12 months (my senses/gut never let me buy a new product until it's been out a while). And I hope the GH2 makes the 5d2 and 7d less attractive for video, and will bring their price down.
  4. Excellent review compared to what one usually gets at Amazon.
  5. I still have a technical confusion about the micro thirds system which I don't seem able to unravel. Which is this. I have a number of the regular 4/3 lenses. Like the original ED 14-54mm. And the ED 50mm. So if you go to a chart from Panasonic you get to know what Olympus lenses will work with what camera and what won't. And the chart is like reading an old cuneiform tablet...with all kinds of footnotes. Nearest I can tell is that the new GH2 model,( ahah, but why?) will allow some kinds of autofocus with some of the older lenses that get fitted with the Lumix adapter (which I have). And maybe full function with the 7-300mm ( a mystery lens in the lineup, still shows the pedigree of lens image stabilzation ahah the plot thickens I guess)
    Lenses I got which now will electronically do AE, but no autofocus at all on my G-1 and no way to get there, by design....
    True, I can manually focus as well as the next person, or get close anyway...yet I like autofocus, it is kind of nice. Can always tweak a bit after the major moves or flick the shutter release a second time, I just have a preference for AF after they improved the function.
    . I just wish there were a clearer understanding of the way these autofocus system works. Meaning what does the lens and the camera and motor need to be in communication. I know CDAF and PDAF in principle, but not the parameters... And are we talking software here,firmware, design of the autofocus camera or what...someday I will figure it out. Maybe. Anyway, I accept the conclusion that we are dealing with two systems, and that micro is in the same genus but not in the same species. Something like that anyway...
  6. Christopher, at no point did the reviewer say the 14-42mm was the 'worst lens ever'. He commented that it had the worst build quality of any Panasonic lens. In reality what this actually means it that it's a really good lens and well built but has a plastic mount. As kit lenses go it's absolutely fine (I use one on a G2). I'm actually quite impressed by the Panasonic G system. The viewfinder's not as nice as the one on my T90 but I'm happy with the results and it's nice to use. I even use my Canon FD lenses and 300TL flash with it.

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