Beseler enlarger parts question

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  1. I had bought a few parts for my Beseler 45M enlarger. In the batch that arrived was this (as pictured) . Since it obviously doesn't have the registration peg layout of my 45M I do not know what it is. Though you can't see the film slots from either of these views, it appears to have been made to pull a roll of film through it. Does anybody have an idea of what this is? And while I'm at it, if anybody wants it for free, speak up. It goes against my grain to just chunk it. Thank you.

    carrier 1.jpg

  2. A glassless carrier made by an inexpert blacksmith by the look of it!
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  3. Looks like it is some sort of carrier for an Omega enlarger. What are the dimensions of the opening?
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  4. I second the Omega suggestion...

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