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  1. I recently acquired a Bell & Howell Foton camera outfit. The questions I'd like to ask here are 1) does the base plate readily come off and if so how does one do this, 2) do the take-up and rewind knobs readily come off and if so how does one go about doing this, and 3) the rangefinder drive wheel is locked in a fixed position. What could the cause of this and how does one go about remedying this? Worthwhile and pertinent comments and suggestions are most welcome, though not nonsense, offbeat or extraneous ones. Please just focus on the questions!
  2. Ooh!
    I am really envious, even though it sounds like you may have to tinker a bit with it.
    This was intended to be the American answer to Leica. It was just too expensive, I think.

    Popular Photography 1949-11
  3. Yes, but how does answer my posted questions??????????/
  4. It doesn't of course, and I deeply apologize for responding at all.

    I'll try not to do it again.
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  5. HAHA!
  6. Vincent Peri

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    Hmm... never tell a Great
    Ape what she can post
  7. Posting here means that you get offbeat or extraneous answers, if people feel like posting those.

    You are perfectly allowed to ignore them, though.

    All answers are available to all readers.

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