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Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by lynnthomas, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. I've been away from pnet for a long time due to my husbands illness and my attention being needed elsewhere.
    I've been told that I need to do something for myself so I'm getting back to my photography.
    I've noticed that Lightroom 6 on my laptop has been VERY SLOW and altogether miserable to deal with.
    I'm considering a new computer but it works great, the only problem being Lightroom.

    I think maybe uninstall LR and get Lightroom CC? I read that there's LR CC and LR Classic? Which would be better? I don't edit on my phone but there have been times it would have been nice to do so beyond just what the phone offers. (iphone6S)
    Also, I'm afraid I'll lose all of edits and presets if uninstall.

    Any advice for someone trying to catch up?

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    Sorry, I can't help you other than to say photography is great for taking your mind off other things :)
    I use photoshop - free versions! I'm Scottish afterall :)
    I've never found a problem with speed and my laptop isn't the fastest or newest.
  3. I have both because I subscribe to the entire Adobe CC suite.

    LR Classic is the upgrade to LR6 - same interface as before plus new features

    LR CC is a new product and more consumer-oriented.

    If you were using a lot of the editing features of LR6, then LR Classic is for you. If you just need basic editing tools, LR CC will suffice.
  4. Ok. So...Sounds like LR Classic is the answer. Should I uninstall my version 6 from my computer?
  5. LR Classic should install either way. No need to uninstall.
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    The only way to get LR Classic is via subscription, which also gives you Lightroom CC (and Photoshop). You don't have to make a choice on the purchase, you have both.
  7. Thank you everyone for helping!
  8. Firstly, I hope your husband is as good as new, or better. I'm not being cutesy, as this does happen a lot! ::thumbs up::

    Secondly, why not start using a different application? There are at least two or three RAW converters that you can choose from.
  9. Thank you Karim..

    I'm a loyal Lr user and feel most comfortable with it.
  10. I don't think anyone has actually addressed Lynn's question: Will LR Classic run any faster on her laptop than the standalone LR6 that she has already?
    I don't know the answer, but I can't see why it should. Isn't it just (almost) the same program, rented forever instead of paid for once? If LR Classic will run faster on my desktop than my LR6 then I might consider the jump to a subscription, but I'm sceptical! I've certainly never heard anyone say that that's the case, and you'd think that if it was, they would!!

    Also, what about losing presets etc when upgrading? I know LR has lost my presets and keywords from time to time.
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  11. I went ahead and got the Photography Plan 20 gb for $9.99 a month. Can't figure out how to get my Topaz plugins to work.

    Accessing Topaz Labs in Lightroom

    This says Lightroom CC doesn't support external editors but Lightroom Classic CC does. What did I sign up for? Ugh so confusing. Tried to chat with Support today but that didn't work out as I lost connection when refreshing page. Grr...
  12. Just had a discussion about external editors with LR CC in this thread. LINK
    LR CC can support a lot of external editors.

    Also, if your computer does not have Solid State Hard drives (SSD) upgrading just the hard drive to SSD can really increase your computer's performance. Of course, you have to consider the best route for you. A 1TB SSD runs about $279 on Amazon. Of course, some of the new computers coming out may have faster processors and using the new m.2 slots for SSD on small boards that plug into the computer motherboard and these can give even a bigger speed boost. So depending on the age of the computer, lets say more than 5 years old and your budget, it may be worth considering upgrading the computer.
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    Have you thought about DXO Optics Pro 11?
    There is a free, full program for RAW - unlimited use, the offer expires on 30th November.
    Because DxO have a new product (DxO PhotoLab), its predecessor is being offered free for a limited period.
    DxO & PracticalPhotography |
  14. Thanks for the link, got it installed and trying it out. Even got it set up as an optional external editor with Lightroom.
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