Beaten to death

Discussion in 'Street and Documentary' started by vic_., Jan 11, 2008.

  2. Regrettable and infuriating. I have heard other reports about local authorities in China doing this sort of thing, and I'm dubious when the article says it's the first time it has lead to a death. Protesters and activists are often beaten by local police in China, with serious injuries resulting therefrom. On a positive note, someone has lost their job and a putative investigation has been launched; China is trying to clean up its image with the Olympics coming there.
  3. I put the link because this unfortunate gentleman was killed for taking a picture with his cell phone camera.
  4. The power of photography to record the truth is a scary activity for "those" who like the truth to be a "hidden secret thing".

    Unfortunately for them, technology, gives easy access to photographic devices and the internet.... the stuff of nightmares for those who have "hidden things".

    The simple answer is that awareness is taking place of the power of photography to reveal the truth....and Joe Nobody can do this with a simple cell phone.

    As never before, there is a constant challenge to photographers to put their cams down.
  5. Yes,hidden secret things,it's funny isn't it how they want cameras on every street corner,taps on every phone etc,etc, like Orwell predicted 60 years ago,but if you pull out a camera on a public street then you're a 'terrorist' or worse.Interesting isn't it? Indeed, What have they got to hide?
  6. Governments, and by extension, societies (through the media, "fine art" mafias, etc.), want to control not only what we can photograph, but in a larger sense, the way we see ourselves, the way others are allowed to see us.

    The good news is that with the proliferation of cell phone cameras, a lot of "stories" that were once only told by the few are now being told by the many.

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