Banner ads obscuring the last few inches of text on practically every page I visit.

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by andrew_gardiner, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. I've noticed this for the last couple of weeks. It's annoying and surely dysfunctional, it makes many posts completely unreadable. The banner ad in question even partially obscures other ads! I can't believe it benefits the advertiser either since I am only left with wholly negative associations.
  2. Looks fine to me, even when I'm not logged in.
    What version of what browser are you using? Can you post a screenshot?
  3. I've had the same experience too, though it is quite variable how much of the text is hidden, will try to attach a screenshot. I'm using Safari 5.1.10, which is I think fairly up to date.[​IMG]
    I can't quite work out how to attach the screenshot but it is an advert for something called Bitdefender which is overlapping the first two replies to a post in the Nikon section comparing a Gitzo and Manfrotto tripod, sometimes the overlap is extreme and other times not there at all.
  4. It may be affecting only non-subscribers. I've heard the same complaint recently from a few other folks, but none were subscribers. Usually subscribers see fewer ads when logged in but no one should be experiencing ads that block the content.
    I just checked the site and a few forum threads via Internet Explorer, without logging in, and without running any extensions to interfere with scripts, Flash or ads. I'm seeing ads but nothing blocking content, either banner ads top and bottom or sidebar ads.
    Normally I use Firefox and Chrome for PC, always the most current version. If I'm recalling correctly one of the other complaints about intrusive ads came from a Safari user.
  5. When I checked I wasn't logged in, so I should be seeing the non-subscriber pages. All looked fine in Chrome, Firefox and Opera. I also used the Maxthon cloud browser and still all looked OK.
    Since I don't have a Mac I can't check what it looks like with Safari on a Mac.
    There are ads in all of them of course, but they seem to wrap themselves around the text OK, at least on the 4 or 5 pages I tested them on.
  6. I usually get an ad hiding things with the Epson ads, but sometimes other things do as well. It doesn't happen to me all of the time, or even most of the time.
    Windows 7 - 64 bit
    Waterfox (64 bit version of Firefox) version 26.0 but I know it's been happening since version 24.0
  7. I haven't tried Waterfox, but the Comodo security-enhanced variant of Firefox caused too many formatting problems on and Facebook so I quit using it.
  8. What Andrew has described has been occurring for the last few weeks, when I don't do a subscriber log-in (using IE10). If I log in, the issue disappears.... My first thought was that it was an intentional annoyance for non-subscribers.
  9. Unlikely to be an intentional annoyance I think! Probably badly written ad code, or at least ad code that conflicts with's CSS.
  10. yeah it happens with me, though rarely and seemed like it started 2-3 weeks ago. { windows 7; IE 9 }.
  11. Hi, I'm running Safari on a Mac 10.6.8. Yep it's the 'Bitdefender' ad and I'm not a subscriber but am always signed in when I visit. For me every time I see it it's obscuring text and I'm seeing it now on maybe 20% of the pages I visit.
    I don't know how these arrangements work or whose responsibility the 'ad code' is but if I were Bitdefender and paying hard cash for this campaign I'd want it sorting out fairly promptly, especially as it is now being discussed publicly on the forum.
  12. G-P

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    we're looking into it, sounds like a 300X600 ad is running in a spot where we have made space for a 300X250. We'll find the ads and have them removed. As always this isn't a direct campaign, its an ad that runs through an ad networks - this will happen if they put larger ad size in a spot that was designed for a smaller ad. thank you for pointing out!
  13. The Bitdefender ad running on is very annoying and constantly obscuring the right hand side of threads, making them unreadable. VERY annoying. Not worth paying for forum membership to have this happen.
  14. G-P

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    This is fixed - if you are a paying member you shouldn't see ads if you are logged in. So Frederick being a free member as you are and not subscriber - you will see ads. If anyone continues to see any issues with advertising please let us know.

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