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  1. I am an old retired IT guy that led teams developing cloud software and building secured cloud data centers and networks, so I have trust in the cloud. That said, until a recent NAS failure, I was making minimal personal use of the cloud.

    I have two Windows 10 Pro systems and had been using a NAS Raid 1 (mirrored) with a capacity of 2TB that I backed that up nightly with an attached 2TB USB drive. About a month ago the RAID power supply failed. After some thought I decided that it was time that my data strategy needs to change such that it includes onsite and offsite data storage.

    I now have 3 separate cloud spaces across which I have distributed my data balancing it across the 3 cloud spaces by data type and volume. Each of my two Windows systems now have a 2TB USB attached drive that I read / write my data to giving me local disk performance. Each of my two Windows systems perform virtually real time, 2-way replication of my data from all 3 of my cloud spaces. This has been working very well since I implemented it.

    My final step will be to reintroduce the 2TB USB backup drive and nightly backups. In the end, all of my data will reside on 2 separate systems and 3 separate onsite disks as well as across my 3 separate cloud spaces.

    I also now have the advantage where I can access my data from anywhere in the world via the internet.

  2. BackBlaze is $60 per year for unlimited storage. It's not what I'd call cheap but it is peace of mind. They could go out of business tomorrow so there is always a risk. That's why I also keep a local backup.

    But you're right in that you have to decide what level of risk is acceptable to you. The risk of your house burning down or being carried off in a flood probably isn't that high depending on where you live.

    If I only shot film I could just keep the negatives somewhere else like my office. But I have lots of digital photos too that I'd really not want to lose.

    The biggest real risk would be what would happen to our family photos if I died. I'll confess to not having a great answer. I make a photo book of the best each year. And I'm sure my family would be able to track down some of them on my computer, but probably not all of them.

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