b&w film developing in cleveland,ohio

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  1. I am looking for a place in cleveland ohio where i can get black and white film
    developed (not c-41) and im also looking for a place where i can get 120 black
    and white film developed (also not c-41) and then scanned to a cd. I hope
    someone can help thanks
  2. Check out Dodd Camera, I think their main location is around E 30th. Also double check the locations on their website, as I know some of them have closed or moved recently.


    I know they sell some chemistry, but you might want to call and see what they stock there. If I remember correctly it was mainly Ilford chem. You would also have to talk with them about scanning services and developing.

    Aside from that I'm not too sure there are many places in the Cleveland area. I think there is Campus Camera in Kent, but haven't been there. I know Costco also offers 35mm scanning, but I doubt medium format. It may be worth calling their photo lab to ask though.

    Honestly I've found it easier to use internet ordering for supplies because the area is so limited.

    Best of luck, let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. While I can't comment on Cleveland specifically, I can tell you that B&W processing is generally difficult to find and when you do find it, it may be very inconsistent. You will probably be better off using a C41 B&W film such as Ilford XP2 as you can use conventional C41 facilities and it will scan much easier than traditional B&W film. For best results using true B&W film, you should really consider processing yourself. You don't need a darkroom, just a minimal investment in equipment (changing bag, daylight tank, timer, thermometer, etc.), chemicals (developer, stop, fix), and time.
  4. The place to go in Cleveland is Labwork -

    They are at 1591 East 22nd Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44114
    216/621-7567 phone

    Also contact http://merrilldavid.com/
    I don't know if Labwork does anything digital. For that I would go to Merrill David.

    For supplies go to Dodds.
  5. i have been using kodak bw400cn film but i want to be able to get photos up to 11 x 14 and i thought that if i could use 100 iso film that i could get up to that size without the grain..but i have not got any photos blown up with it because of the things ive read online haze anyone been able to get good 11 x 14 photographs out of the kodak bw400cn film ?

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