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    Thank you for your orders and this feedback. We regret your dissatisfaction. It is apparent the package containing your laptop was damaged in transit by UPS. We are sorry for their careless handling. I see return authorization has already been emailed to you along with a pre-paid UPS return label for your convenience. As soon as the return is processed here we will issue, per your preference, a refund or send another of the same model computer.

    For future reference, B&H closes at 1:00pm Fridays and is closed all day every Saturday.
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  2. I've had address issues with B&H the last few orders to the point where I can't complete an order without a phone call to them. I really wish we could get this resolved for good some day.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to reply. It was simply the amount of the purchase and my lack of personal experience with B&H that caused me to become a little stressed when the status didn’t change after the return was received.

    I realize that it’s probably unnecessary worry but it’s rare that I spend $3300 on my first two orders with a company. It was sort of a leap of faith and I realize things happen that are beyond your control. I’m sure it’s just this time of year along with a bit of bad luck.

    As I’ve already mentioned, I’m impressed with your prices and selection and hope that I can continue to give B&H my business once this is sorted out.
  4. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    told ya soooooooo.

    b&h rocks!

    ill call tomorrow b&h
  5. The only time I have had a shipping problem with UPS was a few years ago during the week or 2 before Christmas. A 9 foot long box was actually broken open and a part missing. I phoned B&H and they had to pull the part off another item because it doesn't strike me as one that is sold separately, and they had it to me in one or 2 days. A couple days later, the end of another 9'box with seamless was also damaged. I stopped purchasing items the last 2 weeks before Christmas if I could avoid it. Not only is there a rush at that time of year, but I believe they hire part time workers. I'm sure B&H doesn't abuse their boxed items before handing them to UPS.
  6. Be thankful B&H uses UPS. I no longer buy from stores that ship by FedEx. Why? I live in a rural area and have a 200 ft driveway. Despite numerous complaints to FedEx , they constantly just drop packages on the side of the road while UPS delivers to my door. Above all, I prefer using POBox USPS. I have never had a problem with B&H, Adorama or KEH, although method of shipping seems to depend on who answers the phone at KEH.
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  7. Never had a problem with B & H, nor damaged goods in shipping. But then I don't buy computers or tv's from B & H though I know they carry those products. As was said before, they are not the shipping company and it sounds like quick resolution was offered.

  8. Sorry to hear about this! I've had ZERO issues with B&H over the years.
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  9. I assume that you were made whole. If so, there's no problem with B&H, just the shipper.

    A note to shippers, many "UPS Stores" are NOT owned by UPS, but are franchises. I have a documented case, from a few years ago, of UPS trying to push the blame out to the shipping "UPS Store". I shipped a guitar speaker cabinet and had the UPS Pack and ship. The box showed no apparent damage at the receiver's door, but he still took pictures before opening the box. Everything looked okay when he examined the speaker, but it did not work when plugged in. The speaker's magnet had misaligned and jammed, probably from dropping the box during shipping. We filed a claim with UPS and they picked up the speaker, back in its original packaging. They claimed that it was improperly packaged by the franchisee and even sent him pictures of a grotesquely damaged shipping box! Thanks to the receiver having images of the undamaged shipping box, UPS paid the claim, not the unfortunate franchisee. He said that this was not a rare occurrence and that he was considering selling his franchise.

    Anyway, when receiving something valuable, take pictures of the box, whether damaged or not.
  10. I've never had a complaint (or even heard a complaint) about B&H, KEH or Adorama. And I've never received damaged goods from any company. I'm knocking on wood.
  11. I think your own story is proof of the excellence of B&H's customer service. As many have said, once it's in the hands of the delivery service, it's out of B&H's control. I'm quite sure they're not shipping damaged boxes, because that's just asking to lose money on the deal.
  12. I've recently had to return an item that was damaged to B&H, and that was fast and efficient. But I have noticed that things are not always packed as well as the used to be or should be.
  13. You should let them know.
  14. I did let them know. Seems that their shipping system has changed recently. Items take longer to arrive and packaging not as good as it used to be. Probably some cost saving for them. They acknowledged the problem and said they hope to improve.
  15. Fed Ex failed to deliver a single package 3 times. Finally caught up with the truck driver and discovered one of three developing beakers was broken. They had a replacement to me in less than a week no questions asked. Probably could have used more bubble wrap and no telling how much it was tossed around all that time by Fed Ex.
  16. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    my order last week had some weirdness. the outside box was in perfect condition but the items in boxes were damaged.... particularly the 120 pro packs all seemed to have crushed ends and my rosco filters were full of dings as if they were walked on... crinkly.

    upon further examination i figured out why... shifting loads! the boxes of printing paper wasnt bubble wrapped and must have slamed eveeything in the shipping box. a bit careless id say.

    the damage didnt ruin the film or anything really other than the rosco filters which i threw out cutting my loss and will never order delicate items from b&h mail order again. ill just stop in the store and pick that stuff up when im in the neighborhood.

    on the whole, b&h is still my go to store for most things.

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