Autofocus will not work.

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by fatatofotos, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. I just bought a Canon EOS rebel XS two days ago. The autofocus will not work, the only things that will show up (not blurry) are about 10 feet away. This really hurts me because number one: i am not a very experienced photographer so i have NO idea what is going on, and number two, to the two things i take pictures of the most are flowers, and birds. and since it will not autofocus, i can't take pictures of either of those. Yes, i have switched the switch on the lens from manual focus to autofocus, it still doesn't work. the only thing that i have doe that could have effected it are i took the lens off so i could take it to a friends house, and i was playing with the f-stop a bit. Please help me, i need an answer by Sunday, i am leaving on a road trip to Seattle and i really want to have my camera up and ready by then. thanks.
  2. Is the lens fully clicked onto the body? It should not rotate if it is. Might be worth a look. When you removed the lens did you touch the metal contacts at the back of it? It doesn't take much dirt/sweat to affect the electrical contact. Perhaps wipe them off with a clean cloth and re-mount the lens. I was shooting this week with a friend who had a Nikon and it wouldn't focus when he changed lenses. A quick wipe of the lens contacts fixed it.
  3. Could it be one of the custom functions, remapping focus to another button? It's the "*" asterik button on back of camera, on 20D, 30D, 5D and so on bodies. Just speculating.
  4. Are you too close to the subject when you were having problems? Lenses have a minimum focusing distance. Just a guess.
  5. The 18-55mm kit lens will focus to within a few inches.
  6. Did it ever auto focus?
    Are you half-pressing the shutter button?
    Can you take it back to the store and ask them to help you?
  7. Alex, uploading an example image would be helpful in diagnosing the problem. One that you've not edited or changed, as it will keep the camera and settings information intact for others to review.
  8. What lens are you using?
  9. And is the lens set to AF - simple solution if not ;-)
  10. Some of the longer telephoto zoom lenses have a minimum focusing distance closer to 5ft according to canon's website.
  11. There is a switch on the side of the lens that gives you the opion of autofocus or manual. Make sure it is set to autofocus.
  12. Steven, he's covered that.
  13. Find a camera shop. Ask one of them to have a look for you, will be far more effective than asking people over the net who can't put their hands on your camera.
  14. Alex,
    Are you in full "Automatic" more? - the green square on the big mode dial at top. Try that in some good outdoor sunlight and see who you get on (it could be camera shake for example). Also there is a troublshooting section in your camera manual about this very issue, have a look at that and see if any of the suggestions help.
  15. Alex,
    Turn the diopter, the little wheel by the eyepiece, until the image clears up. RTFM of course.
  16. Is the camera on Live View mode? If you're set to Live view, your camera won't focus when you half press the shutter release button.
    Good luck,
  17. Thanks everyone, at the time i posted this i did not know how to operate manual focus so that explains the franticness of the post, haha, but i took it to best buy and it turns out it was broken. I have no idea how i did it, but i did. So they gave me a new one free! and have been snapping pics ever since, if you want to check them out at my profile. thanks again.

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