Are canada warranty 1dx bodies the same quality as USA version?

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  1. I'm new to Canon (switching over from Nikon) and just purchased a 1dx on ebay that was advertised as USA/Canada warranty. When I received the camera the warranty card was a Canada warranty not USA/Canada. I contacted Canon and was told the Canada warranty card meant the camera was only covered in Canada. She could not tell me if there would be any difference in quality between a 1dx that comes with a USA warranty vs. a 1dx with a Canada only warranty?
    Are the 1dx camera's coming with a USA warranty any different than the international/canadian versions?
    Is there a way to use the serial number to research the camera I received like track it's history?
    Other than the inconvenience of shipping the camera to Canada for service, does it matter? Is Canon the same or is Canon USA better?
  2. Cameras are the same, there is just one 1Dx model. Canon used to have a worldwide warranty but that seems to be changing. Check their website or contact Canon USA
  3. Thanks for the response,
    I did call Canon USA, but the person I spoke to couldn't tell me if all 1dx's were the same or not.
  4. I hope you do not have to use Canon Canada warranty service. In my experience they are not very user friendly.
  5. It is the EXACT same camera as imported by Canon USA. Built in the same factory, by the same workers, with the same components, to the same quality standards. The only difference is who provides warranty service, and the included documentation (manuals) in the box when sold new.
    "Other than the inconvenience of shipping the camera to Canada for service, does it matter?"
  6. Thanks. Does anyone have an opinion on the resale value? Will the non usa warranty affect the resale value or make it more difficult to resell?
  7. Just as a counterpoint to Grahm's experience, my experiences with Canon in Mississauga, both warranty (60D Drive button stopped working) and not (50mm f/1.4 autofocus) both went very well. In both cases items were repaired to as good or better than expected, and turn-around time was about a week for both. I have heard mixed reviews from others though.
  8. Warranties usually are non-transferrable, so it wouldn't likely affect resale value.
  9. Every time I see a post like this I feel sorry for you North American folks, and I scratch my head.
    Nikon in the US have foisted on their customers this con that you can only buy from a local dealer in order to be protected by a Nikon warranty. They even restrict repairs to cameras with a Nikon USA badge. Do they really think that a photographer who comes from another country to shoot some landscape work in the Rockies, and who purchased his camera, say, in Europe or Asia, won't be able to access warranty repairs in the USA? If this were the case, the army of photographers covering major events for their overseas agents etc in the USA, would be stuck if their camera failed while on assignment. From personal experience, Nikon USA looks after these people and photographers like myself.
    I'm glad that the rest of the world is a free market where Nikon's International Warranty applies. In fact in Australia, Toshiba were fined A$300,000 in the Federal Court for doing just what Nikon is doing to you. The government there in fact mandates second source for goods that are imported. If not, its considered a "restraint of trade or running a monopoly". Put simply, if Nikon were to try the above down there (and in NZ and most Asian countries), it would mean a risk of a visit to the big house.
    And yet the USA is right up there with consumer protection and was the first western country to enact lemon laws. So I don't understand why this issue seems to be seen as normal. Its not.
    I live in Singapore and I buy all my gear from Adorama, B&H, Keh and Amazon. I've had quite a number of repairs done under warranty and the international warranty ensures that wherever I am in the world I can access repairs under warranty. I have done and I'm sure I will be able to do so in the future.
  10. In my experience they are not very user friendly. [Graham Brown]​
    Would you like to briefly explain why? I have never had any "user friendly" issues with Canon Mississauga.
  11. " Would you like to briefly explain why? I have never had any "user friendly" issues with Canon Mississauga." (Peter J )
    I dropped my 100-400 lens. There was no visible damage, but the lens would not operate. They told me the lens was not repairable. I guess that's reasonable, but they would not tell me what components were damaged. If I took an automobile that did not run to a shop, I would not accept the diagnosis that it was not repairable.
    I use a 7D and it is a wonderful camera. I recommend it all the time at Camera Club. I bought my wife an inexpensive Canon point and shoot ( Power Shot A1100 is) to take on holidays and to use for family parties when I did not want to take an SLR. Whenever the camera was not in use, even for a short time like a week, the batteries drained. I used the same branded NMH rechargeable batteries that I use in my flash and other electronic devices.
    I sent the camera to Canon while it was under warranty. They sent it back stating that the battery drain was within their specks. I have no doubt that if they put the camera on a bench and measured the battery drain to operate it , it was fine. The problem was that it was draining while it was not in use. I let it go for a year, then I decided that I would approach Canon again, because it was an annoying situation.
    The person that I talked to, told me that the manual said the batteries should be removed, when the camera was not in use. I did not like that answer, so I wrote to Canon Japan. A representative of Canon Canada called me, and offered to sell me a replacement camera at $30.00 less than they were retailing for at" Henry's" (Ontario's largest Camera Retailer)
    Call me unreasonable, but I don't think that's user friendly
  12. If you don't like Canon Canada service why don't you send it to Canon USA?

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